Electric Storage Bed

Electric Ottoman Beds – Open Your Bed at the Touch of a Button

Ottoman beds are a great way to add extra storage space to your home. Most people put ‘stuff’ under the bed anyway, but the access is often difficult and dusty, so having a bed that lifts easily and gives you space the size of a wardrobe under the bed is a no-brainer.

We’ve been designing and making them for over 16 years and have seen time and time again the value they offer.   People store all sorts of things in the beds, but the most popular items are Luggage, not just small cabin luggage but full-size suitcases designed for international travel.

Our beds are unique in that we design them with you in mind.   16 years ago, we asked the questions, did the research and created beds that you would find the most practical, not only did this include the depth but also you wanted a big open space with no dividers, so that’s what all our have, big, deep open space for you to store just about anything!

Continuing our tradition of listening to our customers and with the recent trend of deeper, heavier mattresses, we decided to develop a bed that has an electrically operated lift system.    Not only does this allow for heavier mattresses, but also it future-proofs your bed, so as you get older, you’re still able to comfortably access the storage area safely.

The system is simple, press up on the remote control and two powerful motors smoothly raise the mattress to give you access to the vast storage area, safety is built in and a backup system too, in case of power failure.

Here’s the great news…  our electric ottoman bed is not just one bed, but 8; we’re offering the easy opening, electric ottoman mechanism on our full range of beds.

View our remote-controlled Ottoman beds at our Swiss Cottage Showroom