Declutter with Furl Max Storage Bed

How to declutter your bedroom – My top tips

Most of you could use a tip or two on how to declutter your bedroom. I’m included within this too might I add. The British summer isn’t exactly helpful with keeping our bedrooms tidy. Right now mine is sporting a drying umbrella. Oo and a newspaper I picked up off the tube for when I’d left said drying umbrella at home. Basically my entire winter wardrobe as I never know if I still need a jumper. But also my summer wardrobe as yesterday it was BOILING. So it’s just a bit of a mess. And could really do with a full decluttering as we move into Autumn.

So seeing as I need to do it too, I’ve put together a list of how to declutter your bedroom, totally stress free.

My top tip for how to declutter your bedroom is to simply pick up your washing

Yes this also includes anything that might be slung over your bedroom chair too. Anything that you might be saving to wear for the next day. Your gym shoes that you used last week and thought if you left them out it might make you go again. Your bedroom will immediately feel decluttered if you just pick up everything that is on your floor.

It may seem like a big job (it depends on how much you use your floor as a laundry basket/floordrobe), but you will feel so much better when everything is away. It takes the same amount of time to sling your clothes in the wash basket as it does to throw them on the floor. And not much longer to slide your wardrobe door open and hang it on the empty hanger waiting for it if it’s clean.

Get yourself a jewellery box

My jewellery ends up everywhere. Usually scattered over my bedside table collecting dust. Hanging on the side of the mirror. Hanging on the door handle which is really annoying as every time you open the door, it falls off. Now there is a very simple way to fix this. It immediately makes your space look clearer and also protects your jewellery too. Get yourself a jewellery box, really easy solution if you think about it.

how to declutter your bedroom
It’s ok to store items on your bedside table, and it will look decluttered, if you arrange them in an organised way.
Put a jar in your top drawer for all the loose change

Every evening when my partner gets changed for bed, he takes his loose coins out of his pockets and dumps them on his side table. This happens every single night, and so you can imagine how many pennies there are in a pile by the end of the week. Granted sometimes he puts the coins back into his trousers the next day. But only what he calls ‘the good ones’ – pound coins or two pound coins. So we end up with a real collection nevertheless.

A great trick, is to buy a glass jar, and keep it in your bedside table drawer with the lid off. Rather than slinging them on the table top, open the drawer and pop them in to the jar. Then every couple of months, take them to the bank and deposit them. Extra money you didn’t realise you had, even if in the format of pennies, is great!

Invest in a Storage Bed

Now to some of you, this might not seem completely stress free. But trust me, now I have a storage bed, tidying things away really isn’t a chore. I’m the kind of person that needs to know that I really don’t want something anymore before I bin it. So having a storage bed allows me to keep it for a little while longer. And if it’s been in the storage bed for a year without being used, it then goes in the bin.

Max Storage Bed
Max storage bed open

I could not live without my fabulous storage bed. In fact I actually have two Furl Max Beds. Each one has a whopping 1,050 cubic litres of storage with a depth that allows me to fit all our suitcases, and use storage boxes to keep everything well organised so we can store bedding and cables neatly, we even added a shoe rack! My flat would not look like it did without them. Having them allows me to declutter slowly too, which is often what you need to do to not get stressed by it!

don’t stop until you have finished

You will make more mess before your bedroom looks tidy. So set your phone onto airplane mode (so you aren’t tempted to sit and scroll through Instagram) and just blitz the room. Turn on some motivational music and just do it. What you think might take you 2 hours, will probably only take you 10 minutes. This is exactly how to declutter your bedroom, start it and don’t stop until it’s done.

Oo and good luck! Let’s declutter our bedrooms together, and head into Autumn with a clear space and a clear mind.