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Make your home smell amazing using our Home Fragrance Tips

We were talking about Home Fragrance with one of our customers at the showroom last week. They’d walked through the door and immediately smelt our Lime, Basil and Mandarin Diffuser. And it got us thinking about just how powerful home scent can be. How good it can make you feel. And what effect your home smelling amazing has on both yourself and your visitors.

So we thought that we’d give you our top home fragrance tips so you can make your home smell amazing too.

home fragrance, fragrance, home scent, home accessories, home style, home decor

How to get your home smelling amazing quickly

There are a few things that you can do straight away to make your home smell amazing. So if you are tight on cash and can’t just spend £50 on a candle tomorrow, then here is how.

Empty your bins and give the casing a good bleach. Spray it with Room Spray and then add a tiny air fresher to the inside of the lid. Every time you open your bin from now on, you will smell the air fresher and not the bin contents. You can buy them for as little as £1.99 and they make such a big difference.

Bring the outside in, by adding a few plants around your home. Not only do they help to purify the air, but they also give off a very pleasant fragrance too. Eucalyptus and Jasmine are two of my favourites.

Get cooking or baking. There is nothing more lovely than walking into the smell of freshly baked cookies or freshly baked bread. Not only do they smell great, but you can also display them beautifully on your kitchen side too.

home fragrance, fragrance, home scent, home accessories, home style, home decor

Our Top Three LUXURY Home Fragrance Picks
  1. Our all time favourite home fragrance brand has to be the one and only Jo Malone. We use the Lime, Basil and Mandarin Diffusers at our showroom. And the scent just beautifully fills the (fairly large) space.
  2. A firm favourite of mine, and the scent I use in my home is The White Company’s Seychelles Candle. Every evening, after a long day at work, I make myself a cup of tea and light my candle. Not only does it make my home smell amazing, it also helps me to relax and unwind.
  3. Slightly pricier than your average air freshener, but totally worth it is the Diptique Baies Room Spray. Air fresheners just always smell like air fresheners and are usually sprayed in our bathrooms. You can always tell when they’ve been sprayed though. But with Diptique you avoid that awkward ‘I’ve just sprayed the air freshener’ conversation. As it just smells beautiful.

home fragrance, fragrance, home scent, home accessories, home style, home decor

Our top three high street home fragrance picks
  1. Just because it’s high street, doesn’t mean that your home won’t smell as nice. We absolutely love the diffusers from H&M Home. This particular one not only smells amazing, but looks great too. They do a matching scented candle too, so you can dot the same scented diffusers and candles around your home.
  2. We absolutely love the Zara Home White Jasmine Linen Spray. Not only can it just be sprayed in the air. But you can also spray your sofas, curtains, cushions, bedding and even clothing with it. They have lots of scents too, so you can find one that is right for you and your home.
  3. A slight cheat for you – but if you want to purchase a luxury home fragrance item as a treat. But just don’t have the cash to keep buying new ones. Then you can buy big diffuser refill bottles from Dunelm. They don’t quite smell the same as the original, but they do allow you to keep your beautiful luxury diffuser bottles.

Spring Cleaning is a very well known term, and scent should be a big part of your spring clean this year. It will make such a difference to your wellbeing too. You can zone scents as well. By giving your office one scent, you know its work time and work mode. By giving your living room a different scent, whenever you smell that you know it’s relax time.

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