storage in the living room

Four ways of adding storage in the living room

Are you sick of clambering over throws, cushions, and toys (not to mention the ironing that was piled up neatly when you left it but is now strewn across the floor?) If you’re anything like me, then no doubt you’re looking for ways to bring order to this chaos.

To help you free up some space, we’ve put together four living room storage ideas for you to try.

You can never have too much storage in the living room, particularly if your house is full of things you’ve collected and can’t seem to stop buying. There are lots of ways to add storage subtly, and in this blog, we’ll show you how.

Storage ideas for your living room

1. Adding storage in the living room without really changing anything

Most people have a television in their living room, but how many of you have it sitting on a stand? The TV is where the whole family gathers to watch a movie or chill out on a Sunday, and it usually takes up a lot of space.

This article from Which? will help you determine what sized TV you need to suit your room.

Whatever the size of your television, we recommend you fix it to the wall instead of using a cabinet. This frees up the side it was sat on for you to use as storage.

It’s amazing how much you can fit on one shelf, and you don’t have to buy anymore furniture or change the room’s layout. You could use it as a mini book shelf or add storage boxes or baskets to hold smaller items.

MUST DO – if your TV is big, and potentially heavy, please consult a builder before hanging it on your wall. You may need a little reinforcement behind the wall first.

Basket storage in the living room

2. The return of the basket – and other storage solutions

If you want your living room to look neat and tidy, then you need to store everything out of sight. That can be tricky when you are fighting for space, but adding a few simple baskets can make a big difference.

Baskets come in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes to suit every type of interior design. They are also fairly inexpensive, and don’t take up the same space as a large piece of furniture.

If you want to reclaim your floor space, then consider replacing your shelving unit with floating shelves. This type of shelf is perfect for small decorative items like photo frames and trinkets – just be sure you don’t overload it with heavy things, particularly if you’re planning to fix it to an interior wall.

Ottoman storage for living room
Photograph from House of Three – Interior Designers, Ottoman Box made by Furl

3. Storage ottoman (you might know it as a blanket box)

Everyone needs a coffee table near the sofa to put down drinks and nibbles. And they’re more than just practical, they look good too. Unfortunately though, they take up a lot of floor space, so if you want a coffee table in your room, we recommend that you make the most of it.

Our ottoman (or blanket box) doubles up as a footstool for the sofa – and with a hard tray on top, it can also be used as a coffee table. Inside the footstool there is storage to put your cushions, blankets, and toys that can be hidden away out of sight for a clean and tidy living room.

Living room sofa with storage

4. Living room storage sofa beds from Furl

Did you know it’s possible to order a Furl sofa bed with storage in the arms? This is the perfect way to add storage to your living room without taking up floor space or changing the layout out of the room. It’s subtle and stylish, and no one will ever know it’s there.

The arms lift up, and provide enough storage for four pillows in one and a duvet in the other. But you don’t just have to use it to store bedding for your sofa bed – you could also use the space for clearing away the kids’ toys when they have finished playing.

Read our guide for advice on how to measure your space for the perfect sofa bed.

It can be hard to switch off in the evening when you’re surrounded by toys, but with extra storage, you can quickly clear away everything on the floor to create a tidy, relaxing environment.

If storage in the arms isn’t enough, then consider switching your sofa bed for a living room sofa with storage hidden in the arms and under the seat cushions.

How can I hide storage in my living room?

There are plenty of subtle (and stylish) storage solutions out there that can help you declutter your living room without changing the room’s layout.  If space is at a premium, make sure the furniture you’ve already got is working hard for you.

Multi-functional furniture is the best way to create extra storage in the living room without adding anything unnecessary to your walls or taking up extra floor space.

Beneath their good looks and practicality, our storage sofas and ottomans are hiding an immense amount of storage – and best of all, no one knows it’s there. It does the job subtly, and you can keep adding to it with toys, throws, and cushions whenever you need to get rid of the mess.