3 Seater Sofa Bed

Our sofa beds are different. Put simply, they’re better.

Whereas most sofa beds feature mattresses that are around 9cm deep, our three seater sofa beds feature proper mattresses that are a luxurious 14cm deep, and fully loaded with firm springs. There’s even a memory foam option to give you the sort of deeply restful sleep that you might not have thought possible on a sofa bed. They also happen to offer at least 120cm of sleeping space, making them every bit as spacious as standard double beds.

At Furl, we have a range of bespoke three seater sofa beds available in a choice of seven styles. The Cambio sofa bed offers a choice of three arm options – slim, wide, and scroll – and three back designs. Meanwhile, with its luxurious seat depth, the striking London sofa bed defies all expectations, making it a sofa bed that’s ahead of the game in terms of both comfort and style.

As stylish as it’s comfortable, the Metro sofa bed is designed to offer the ideal place to sit and chat with friends by day, whilst providing a restful place to sleep at night. If space is an issue, our Compact sofa bed is also known as “Play”, as its contemporary styling gives it an irresistibly playful look.

With its feather filled cushions, the Duette is perhaps the most comfortable sofa bed in our range. And when you consider that we offer high levels of comfort as standard, that’s really saying something.

Taking inspiration from the 1960s, the Retro sofa bed combines timeless styling with a contemporary twist. No matter how you choose to upholster it, the Retro is one of the most striking sofa beds in our entire range. Yet with its deep seat and high arms, the Classic design offers a level of elegance and sophistication that few will have thought possible with a sofa bed.

Having chosen your design, choose from our extensive range of fabrics and finishes. If you cannot find something that works for you, with our bespoke service, we’ll upholster your sofa bed in a fabric of your choosing.

For more information on our range of high quality, three seater sofa beds, feel free to give us a call on 0208 451 6999.

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Metro 5 Seater in Grapefruit Pink

Featured Model - Metro 5 Seater in Grapefruit Pink

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