3 Seater Sofa Bed
3 Seater Sofa Bed
High Quality, handmade sofa beds designed for everyday use

3 Seater Sofa Bed

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Vasca Sofabed

Vasca Sofabed Stunning details, expert tailoring with padded lines and subtle curves.

Medium sized 3-seater sofa bed that also has a decent sized bed

Our most popular size, the 3-seater pull out sofa bed also comes with a choice of different mattress types. They include Coil, Pocket Sprung, Reflex Foam and even Memory Foam. The most common problem with most sofa beds is that the mattresses are really thin. But we wanted to create a sofa bed that is as comfortable to sleep on as an actual bed. So rather than using a really skinny mattress like most other sofa beds, our mattresses are 14cm deep making them immediately more comfortable.

Our 3-seater sofa bed has a mattress that is 140cm wide, with a length of 200cm (6’6!). That’s actually bigger than a British Double, and almost a King Size. Its technical name is a Continental Double. The mattresses also actually open to the same height as a regular bed. This makes it really easy to get in and out of them, but also makes you feel like you are sleeping on an actual bed.

Medium sized 3-seater sofa bed that also has a decent sized bed

All of the sofa bed designs at a three-seater size have the same mattress width, but their overall widths can vary. This is all due to the width of the arms. All of the styles come with a variety of different arm options, and as our sofas are made to order in Nottingham, you decide exactly which arm width you would like to add. This means that you can create the right width of sofa for your room. We also have a storage arm option, which means that you can have a three seater sofa bed with storage.

For more information about our 3 seater fabric sofa bed, please give us a call on 0208 4516999.

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Do you need a medium sized 3-seater sofa bed that also has a decent sized bed? Then a Furl 3-seater sofa bed is exactly what you are looking for.

We make practical, compact and stylish sofa beds, that also have a double mattress designed for two adults. Our three seater sofa beds is just as good as a bed as they are as a sofa. If you aren’t convinced then why not read what our customers have to say about them here. Or pop to our London Showroom to test them out for yourself.

We have 10 different sofa bed designs to choose from and each one of them comes in as a large threeseater sofa bed. Our Vasca, Milano, Duette, London, Nuvo, AirB, Classic, Cambio and Play and Metro all come in the three-seater size. Each one of our sofa bed designs is as stylish and high quality as each other, leaving you with the simple decision of choosing the one you like the most.