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Looking for a small double sofa bed? We can help

Small double sofa beds and everyday use are not really words that you expect to find in the same sentence together – but they do exist! How do we know? Well, because we make sofa beds in various sizes that can be used every day, as both a sofa and a bed.

What size are small sofa beds? 

Small is relative to the size you have available – what’s small to one person is big to another. That’s why we make our sofa beds in different sizes, ranging from a small chair bed all the way up to an extra large five-seater.

We guarantee that you will find something to fit your space. To make things really easy we’ve listed them all in a table, so you can see at a glance the different options. 

Sofa bed size chart with mattress size

Of course, the overall size of the everyday sofa bed does depend on the style you choose, and the style of arms you prefer.

Our 2.5-seater is what we would call a ‘small double sofa bed’, but you might be surprised to find that you actually have space for the medium three-seater.

The different styles do of course affect the overall width. So, here we’ve listed the range of different widths for each type of sofa bed.

  • Chair – varies from 1050mm wide to about 1490mm wide
  • Small 2.5 seater – varies from 1430mm wide to about 1950mm wide
  • Medium 3 seater – varies from 1700mm wide to about 2200mm wide
  • Large 4 seater – varies from 1900mm wide to about 2400mm wide
  • Extra large 5 seater – varies from 2100mm wide to about 2600mm wide

Does a small double sofa bed have to have a small mattress?

We don’t waste any space and ensure that the mattress in a small sofa bed is as large as it possibly can be. This is exactly why all of our sofa beds are two metres long as standard – that’s the same length as a king-size bed. 

So, no matter what width of mattress you choose, it will always be 2m long!

Our medium three-seater is designed to sleep two adults on a regular basis. Our small 2.5-seater can sleep two adults, but it is designed to be used on a slightly more irregular basis, rather than every night.

Do you still get a choice of mattress with a small sofa bed?

Every mattress option in our larger sofa beds is also available in our small sofa beds too.

Of course, when it comes to mattresses, there really is no ‘best mattress’. It is simply personal preference, which is exactly why we recommend that you visit our London showroom to test them all. This is particularly important if you are going to be sleeping on your multi-purpose sofa bed every night of the week! 

Here are the different mattress options that we have to choose from. 

Furl sofa bed mattress options chart

As you can see, not every mattress is available in every sofa bed model. Whilst you are at the showroom we can help you to find a mattress to fit your sofa.Blue sofa bed with ultra-slim arms from Furl

How does changing a sofa bed arm affect the width of the mattress? 

Our sofa beds come in five sizes, with a mattress to suit every kind. If you reduce the width of the arms, the mattress doesn’t get wider. It just means that you reduce the overall width of the sofa. This of course is perfect for small spaces.

What arm options are available on small sofa beds? 

We have two arm options that ensure our sofa beds are as small as they possibly can be. Aside from our Milano model (which is quite slim anyway), these two options can be added to every style of sofa in the Furl range. 

Small double sofa bed with no arms

Arm option one – the ‘no arm’

The title sort of gives this one away. It simply means that the sofa has no arms. Although to conceal the mechanism, the sofa has a side panel that follows the shape of the seat.

The ‘no arm’ option is actually great for those looking to use our small sofa beds for daily use. As there is no arm at the side of the mattress, it makes reaching down to a lower side table much easier.

Small double sofa bed with ultra-slim arms

Arm option two – the ‘ultra-slim arm’

The ultra-slim arm is designed for those who would still like the aesthetics of an arm, but don’t have the room for an actual arm. The ultra-slim arm is the same shape as the standard arm would be, but it’s only 2cm wide.

This again means that it conceals the mechanism, but without taking up any extra space. Sofas with ultra-slim arms are actually the same overall width as those with no arms, so it simply comes down to which style you prefer. 

Why choose Furl for your small double sofa bed (UK)?

We’ve been making furniture for over 12 years – that’s a really long time! We’re confident that we’ve mastered the small sofa bed, that really can be used daily.

If you still aren’t convinced then why not see what our customers have to say about them?

Remember, every style can come in every size, so you will be able to find the perfect small double sofa bed for your room.

Frequently asked questions on small sofa beds

Looking for a quick recap on what we’ve covered? Check out the answers to these frequently asked questions.

What size bed is a two-seater sofa bed? 

A 2.5-seater sofa bed from Furl can fit a mattress that measures 115cm wide by 200cm long – we class this as a small double. All our sofa beds are two metres long as standard so you don’t need to worry about your legs sticking out of bed at night. 

How wide is a small sofa bed? 

The width of a small sofa bed varies between styles, but you can expect a 2.5-seater to range anywhere from 1430mm wide to about 1950mm wide. To help you pick the right-sized sofa bed, we’ve put together this guide on how to measure up the space before you buy.

Can two people sleep on a sofa bed? 

The small double sofa bed (2.5-seater) has just enough space to sleep two adults, but it’s not designed to be used by two people every day.