mattress testing

Mattress testing doesn’t have to be hard work

So what is it that you don’t like about mattress testing? That it’s a bit weird lying on a bed in your coat and shoes? That you have an annoying salesperson watching you lie down. Perhaps you don’t like that a total stranger is telling you what mattress your body shape should like? Well here’s what you should do to make mattress testing easier.

1. Try to go at a funny time of day

There is nothing worse than trying to carry out an awkward process when a shop is completely full. So to make sure you have the most hassle free time, try and pick a funny time of day. Either mid week, where the shop will be quieter, or first thing in the morning on a Sunday. When everyone else is still in bed! The great thing about going at these obscure times is that there will also be less staff. And so less people hovering over you whilst you test the mattresses.

2. Don’t do any reading before mattress testing

It’s best that you don’t know a thing until after you’ve tested a few mattresses. Because otherwise you will get stressed about what google tells you that you should like. Or what the latest influencer bought and why she or he likes it. Just because your best friend loves a mattress, doesn’t mean you will. And reading too much can only confuse you. The best way to know which mattress is right for you is to lie down on them. If you hate it, move on, if you love it make sure you ask what it’s called!

3. Remove your clothes

No no no, I don’t mean completely. And I also don’t mean turn up in your PJs, however there is nothing stopping you. But don’t expect to lie down on a mattress in your coat, scarf and hat and actually feel it. Same goes for your shoes. When do we ever sleep in shoes? Unless maybe you’ve had a few too many at the local pub. (And even then, I still think you would remember to take your shoes off). You are never going to feel what you do and don’t like if you are clothed for snow and rain. Although it may feel weird at first taking your shoes off, it will make your whole experience much better.

mattress testing

4. Don’t be a pencil.

Almost everyone at our showroom will initially lie down completely straight – just like a pencil. I totally get why – it’s because surely it’s embarrassing to lie how you actually lie – like a starfish maybe. But it’s not embarrassing, it’s real. And you are going to be the one lying on this mattress for the next 10 years, so make sure you test it in your sleeping position. We encourage it at Furl. And I’m sure your sleeping position isn’t as bad as mine. Starfish and fish face with an open mouth!

5. Take your time

As horrible, awkward and embarrassing it may be, you really need to take your time over finding the right mattress for you. It’s okay to walk into a shop and not like any of the mattresses. It’s okay to not want to spend £3,000 on a mattress too. Remember cost never determines quality or which mattress is best. The best is the right one for you. And the only way to find that right one is to take your time trying them. And the more mattress testing you do, the less odd you will find it.

Nothing we aren’t familiar with is ever easy. Something we don’t do very often will always feel strange. But the more effort you put into it, the more you will reap the rewards. If you don’t let mattress testing feel like hard work, it won’t. Enjoy the 15 minute naps. Because when else do you get to shop and nap at the same time!