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Open coil mattress vs pocket sprung – a guide

Most of the mattresses sold in the UK are made with open coil or pocket springs. Despite innovations in bed design in the last few decades, sprung mattresses are still the most popular type of mattress.

This blog post looks at the differences between open coil and pocket-sprung mattresses. 

What is an open coil mattress? 

Traditional spring mattresses are made with an open coil system. This type of mattress is cost-effective when produced in large volumes, making it popular with manufacturers and consumers.

The springs in an open coil system resemble an hourglass shape (Bonnell). They are arranged in rows and attached to one another, so movement in one part of the bed is transferred across the entire mattress.

This is a drawback for couples because when one person turns over or gets in/out of bed, the other person will feel it. 

Typically made from tempered steel, the springs in an open coil system are robust and lightweight, so you can expect to be able to flip this mattress easily. 

Springs in an open coil mattress

What is a pocket-sprung mattress? 

In a pocket-sprung mattress, every spring is contained inside its own fabric pocket. These pockets are stitched together to keep them in place while allowing the springs to move independently. 

This type of mattress is effective at shaping around the contours of your body and reducing any movement in the bed – ideal for couples. 

Pocket-sprung mattresses are usually more expensive than open coil because they take longer to manufacture and require skilled craftspeople to do some of the work by hand. They are also more likely to use premium fillers like natural calico, cotton, or silk. 

Furl’s luxury pocket-sprung mattresses are filled with a blend of wool, cashmere, and silk and then covered with Belgian damask. This combination keeps the mattress cool in summer and warm in winter. 

Springs in a pocket-sprung mattress

Open coil mattress vs pocket sprung

So, what’s the difference between an open coil mattress and a pocket sprung? In a nutshell, it comes down to how the coils are arranged. 

The springs in an open coil mattress are arranged in rows and connected by a wire that runs from one side to the other.

In a pocket-sprung mattress, each spring sits inside a fabric compartment or ‘pocket’ (hence the name ‘pocket-sprung’). Crucially, they aren’t attached to one another, so that they can work independently. 

In an open-coil mattress, movement is felt across the entire mattress because the springs are attached. So couples sharing a bed will feel it when the other person rolls over or gets up. 

You’re less likely to feel this movement with a pocket-sprung mattress because the springs aren’t connected. 

Is open coil or pocket sprung better? 

There are pros and cons to open coil and pocket-sprung mattresses. 

Pros and cons – open coil mattress  

Open coil mattresses are relatively cheap, making them a great entry-level mattresses. They’re also durable and lightweight, making them easy to move and rotate.

However, they don’t bend to the shape of your body in the same way that a foam or latex mattress would. You’re also more likely to be disturbed by your partner’s movements with this type of mattress.

Pros and cons – pocket-sprung 

Typically made with high-end materials, you can expect to pay more for a pocket-sprung mattress, but your investment will pay off.

This type of mattress has springs that move independently for more flexible support.

It reduces how much you feel when one person moves and prevents ‘roll-together’ (the phenomenon of two people rolling into the middle where the mattress sags).  

Mattress and pillows

How many coils should a sprung mattress have?

According to the National Bed Federation, an open-coil mattress (double) typically has 300 springs, while a king-size pocket-sprung mattress can have upwards of 800. 

A higher coil count doesn’t necessarily mean a mattress is more comfortable. Experts also recommend looking at the shape and gauge (thickness) of the springs and how the bed has been made.

It’s possible to stack smaller springs on top of large pocket springs for more support. You can also combine a pocket spring with latex or memory foam, as we have done in the Duo 1200 mattress

The bottom line on coil spring mattresses 

If you’re considering investing in a new mattress for your bed, it’s always best to try before you buy. It doesn’t have to be the exact model, but feeling the difference between an open coil and a pocket-sprung mattresses might help you make a decision. 

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