lampolet mechanism

An introduction to the Lampolet sofa bed mechanism

Do you know what a Lampolet sofa bed mechanism is? I expect most people probably don’t, and so we’re going to tell you all about it because we think it’s something worth sharing.

Lampolet sofa bed mechanism

The history of the Lampolet sofa bed mechanism

We can’t even begin to talk about the Lampolet mechanism without covering its history first. It takes its name from the Italian company, Lampolet – described by many in the industry as innovative and pioneering.

Lampolet was founded in 1963 by two friends, Stelio de Lorenzo and Franco Prussiani. Almost sixty years later, the company is still going strong.

Founder, Stelio de Lorenzo, instructed his design engineers to develop and produce the ultimate sofa bed mechanism. Their brief was to replicate the functionality of a standard divan bed within the confines of a sofa.

Making a functioning divan bed look like a sofa was no easy task.

Eliminating the design deficiencies of existing mechanisms was job number one. And then, of course, it also had to incorporate significant benefits, which we’ll go into more detail later.
Lampolet was proud to launch and patent LAMPO (Italian for lighting).

So, there you have it, the Lampolet sofa bed mechanism entered the world!

Lampolet mechanism with mattress

Why do we use the Lampolet mechanism? 

We specialise in making sofa beds which is why we use this advanced mechanism to make our products. Despite being engineered some 20 years ago, it’s still the most advanced.

Our sofa beds are known for being as comfortable as sofas and beds. So a really sturdy mechanism, with a significant mattress allocation, was really important to us.

What makes the Lampolet mechanism so good?

The Lampolet mechanism solves many issues that most people hate about sofa beds.

Removing the cushions to open it

It’s inconvenient (and annoying) having to remove the seat and back cushions whenever you want to use a sofa bed. Over time, removing the cushions regularly will also contribute towards dirtying them. Lampolet eliminated both problems by creating a mechanism where the cushions can stay put whilst opening and closing.

Damage caused by sitting on the unsupported foot end 

With a Lampolet mechanism, the foot end is supported. The steel frame and legs are incredibly strong, so you can get on and off the sofa bed wherever you wish.

Getting the sofa bed into your room

The Lampolet has removable arms and backs via bayonet fixings. This means that transporting them is easy and avoids the “we can’t get it into the room” conversation.

Thin, uncomfortable mattresses 

Nothing screams sofa bed more than a thin, uncomfortable mattress. One of the essential requirements of the Lampolet mechanism was that it could accommodate a 14cm thick mattress, 200cm in length. And they managed just that.

There are different mattresses to choose from, so it’s possible to find one that is right for you.

Lampolet mechanism folded up

Can you really sleep on it every night? 

Some everyday sofa beds are known for being rubbish, but we want to change that, and with the Lampolet sofa bed mechanism, it is possible.

So, can you sleep on a sofa bed every night? Yes. These mechanisms are comfortable enough to sleep on every single night of the week (and get a good night’s rest).

Most of our customers report using them every night of the week. They are quick to open, you can leave your sheet on them all the time, and most models can be ordered with storage arms where you can store your pillows and duvet.

Fuss-free, comfortable and, dare we say it again, the Lampolet sofa bed mechanism is the best in the world!

What sofa beds does Furl offer? 

Furl has the largest range of comfortable sofa beds in the UK. Available in fabric and leather, you can choose from hundreds of colours. Our sofa beds come in various sizes that can fit up to a super king size.

Our sofa bed mattresses are just as comfortable to sleep on as a regular bed. They are all two metres long, so you don’t need to worry about your legs and feet dangling over the end.  There are four different mattresses to choose from 

  • Pocket sprung 
  • Pocket memory 
  • Reflex AT35 
  • Memory foam

Every mattress is 12, 14, or 18cms thick, so you can still enjoy a good night’s sleep.