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How to incorporate plants into a bedroom

With the summer appearing to exhaust us all, I thought that a little bit of ‘life’ might be something that we all need. Did you know that plants actually help to boost your energy levels? So here’s how to incorporate plants into a bedroom. Because plants = life. Plants therefore = happiness and well basically plants are just a good thing to have in our homes. If we were American, here is where we would add the word, period.

How to incorporate plants into a bedroom

That botanical vibe is currently trending right now. And turning your bedroom into a greenhouse is really the way to go at the moment. But finding places to actually put plants can be tricky. I mean, there aren’t many surfaces in a bedroom where you can actually fit them!

Hang Them 

So, make the most of every surface you have, including your ceiling. Hanging plants gives another dimension to your bedroom. Look great and stylish, and is a great way of having plants in your bedroom without having to actually take up valuable surface space.

Sit them on the floor

Sometimes having one big plant is much better than having lots of little one. It creates more impact, looks impressive and fills that awkward space that you don’t have anything else to put into. Tall plants can sit in a number of beautiful planters directly on the floor. As there is so much choice when it comes to indoor planters, you will definitely find one to match your scheme.

Pop a little plant on your bedside table

If you really don’t have much space, or if you are a plant newbie (like me). Perhaps start by adding a little plant onto your bedside table. Succulents look really nice against wooden beds. And they are relatively easy to keep alive. So if you are new to the plant world, it would be a great test to see if you can keep it alive before you go crazy.

how to incorporate plants into a bedroom

The plant company here to help you pick the right plant for your bedroom

Having plants in your bedroom will actually help you sleep. And that is actually a fact. They have the capacity to cleanse the air of toxins, and in turn that will help you sleep better. There is a new company about town called Patch. They don’t just tell you how to incorporate plants into a bedroom, but also which plants to pick. For example, if you have a really light corner, you might want to introduce Phil the Philodendron. As Philodendron’s really like light. If your bedroom is quite dingy, then they recommend plants like Orchids. As although they do need a little light, they really don’t like direct sunlight.

Patch actually hand deliver their plants to you, and give you instructions on how to keep the plant alive. Which is absolutely advice that I need!

Fake it until you make it

If you really struggle to keep plants alive, including trying out a company like Patch. Then my advice would be to fake it until you make it. Although a fake plant won’t actually help to cleanse the air. It will look great, which will in turn put a smile on your face. I’m always on the hunt for fake plants, mainly because I REALLY struggle to keep fake ones alive. The company I would really recommend, for fake plants and flowers are Fox Flowers. They really are the most real I’ve come across.

Why Plants rather than flowers?

If we are still on the fake it until you make it conversation, then there really is no answer for this question. Both are just as good as each other. But if we are talking about real items, plants last forever! As long as you can keep them alive. Fresh flowers do look great. but they are seriously expensive to upkeep in your bedroom. That’s because they will need to be replaced roughly every two weeks.

If you imagine, the average bouquet of flowers costs £20, and you need to change them every 2 weeks. That means purchasing 26 bouquets in a year. If they are an average of £20, that means a total cost of £520 on flowers. A plant on average costs about £50. That will last you for years and years and years. So if we are talking real – then plants are definitely the better option.

So how do I keep a plant alive?

Remember that every plant needs a little bit of natural light to stay alive. Plants will also grow towards to the light, so try to rotate them every now and again. Remember to water it, but also don’t over water it. Check about an inch down in to the soil to see if your plant needs any more water. If the soil is dry, give it a little bit more. If the soil is still wet, then wait. Try to think of the plants natural environment too. If you have an olive tree, they grow in the mediterranean and are very used to not getting much water.

I hope this has helped you work out how to incorporate plants into a bedroom. I think I might actually give it a go myself. So watch this space!