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Home Renovation – the five things not to forget.

Are you about to embark on a home renovation project? Some people will say it’s both the hardest and the most rewarding task to complete. Personally we love home renovation projects, because it means new furniture. However our furniture obsession aside, there are five things to think about before rushing off to the shops.

1. Lighting is key

Lighting is absolutely the most important part of renovating your home. Most think of it as an after thought, and all of your hard work will be put to waste if you do too. You can do absolutely anything to a room, but if the lighting is wrong, the room will look rubbish. Think about what you might wish to light. Is it a bedroom? Then low level lighting is better, particularly for females worrying over cellulite. If it’s a living room, think about where you artwork will be, and purposefully light it. It is these little touches that will make all of the difference.

home renovation

2. ANy big changes need planning permission

Sometimes changes don’t require planning permission, sometimes they do. But no matter what the answer, always check. You may own your property, but that doesn’t mean you won’t need it. You can sometimes even need planning for minor changes in apartment blocks even if you own the leasehold.

3. You get what you pay for

This saying is pretty well known by most, but it is absolutely true. You get what you pay for. If you think you might save a little cash somewhere, don’t expect what you do choose to be the same quality as the ‘ideal’ option. It is good to save where you can, so you can splurge where you want to. But your expectation will need to be adjusted.

home renovation

4. Get the professionals to measure

You might think that by measuring yourself it will save you time and in some cases money. But unless you are 100% sure that your measurements are accurate, then allow the professionals to do it for you. In the long run, it will be much cheaper and save you a very big headache. The people in the trade are very unlikely to get it wrong, but if they do, the headache is theirs and not yours.

5. Home Renovation should be fun

You would think this was an absolute given. However sadly, I have heard so many stories where people, in the end, resent the fact they ever considered renovating their homes. It should be exhilarating, testing and hard work, but always fun. If you aren’t enjoying it anymore, then stop. Re-evaluate, because life is too short to not enjoy things. Hire an interior designer? Hire an architect? Call on help from friends and family? Just remember to have fun with your home renovation. Because if you do, you will make the most of what you can do.