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The oxford dictionary describes a table as "a piece of furniture with a flat top and one or more legs, providing a level surface for eating, writing, or working at" that sounds pretty multifunctional to me. Often overlooked as a simple everyday object tables are one of the most practical pieces of furniture in the home. I can't think of any other furniture that has so many uses by everyone in the home.

Furls passion evolves around making everyday objects more practical, space saving and functional - we strive to offer products you'll love to use and will make better use of your space, whether you have a studio apartment or a large family home space saving furniture can change the way you live and interact in your home. Our innovative products include sofa beds that you can sleep on every night, beds with hidden storage, wall beds and multifunctional tables.

Traditionally most houses had a dining room but as house prices have risen and large houses converted into flats the dining room is now reserved for large houses outside of the city, kitchens have become the new eating space with breakfast bars masquerading as a dining table, is it any wonder that the explosion of eateries in the cities continues to rise!

We don't expect that our customers have dinner parties every weekend or sit down together to eat every evening but we do think that having the option of sitting and eating together is something to enjoy and encourage and having furniture that folds or extends means that you can have a flexible table arrangement when needed. So our range of tables cater for just that - we have coffee tables that lift and extend into larger tables and a console that's just as happy as a small desk as it is seating 12 people. All our clever table ideas are simple to convert and a joy to use whether you're entertaining or enjoying a game of monopoly all sitting together on cushions on the floor.

Multi with Cream Glass

Featured Model - Multi with Cream Glass

Prices start at £1995

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As an internet retailer we don't have a shop but we welcome visitors by appointment to our London showroom. Our tables are priced to suit every pocket and start at £695.

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Clever table available for immediate delivery

26th June, 2018

We have a really clever table available for immediate delivery. Our tables usually have an 8 week delivery, but this one is at our showroom and ready to go. This means you can see it working. It also means you can test it out for yourself too. And even take it with you if you like what you see! Either that or we can deliver it to you. But the real reason you need this table, is that it is...

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The new look Furl Homepage

29th May, 2018

I feel like recently all I have been talking about are new things. But right now, we have lots of new things coming to Furl which is so unbelievably exciting. Including our new look Furl Homepage. Depending on the link you click on to reach our website, depends on whether you might have actually seen it or not. So just in case you haven't, here is a little run through. Fresh, informative and simplistic were three words we wanted to...

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We've been spotted in House Beautiful

8th May, 2018

It isn't often that we share posts like this, but we've recently been spotted in House Beautiful, and obviously didn't want you to miss it. So just in case you did, here is what it was all about. Storage... Everybody needs as much storage as they can get. And so articles in magazines regarding the latest storage trends are popular topics of conversation. As we literally specialise in storage - I don't think it would be fair if we didn't...

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