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Design & Declutter Your Living Space

When thinking about how we live, especially with a new year coming up, or other times in the year when many people like to design & declutter their living space, then this article is for you.

When we think about ways to design & declutter your home, there are a number of approaches you can take.

One way is a complete redesign and radical decluttering. You can also organise storage more effectively.

Other approaches to a design & declutter involve a more modest redesign and a de-cluttering on a room-by-room basis.

Clutter and decluttering

How to start with a Design & Declutter?

Let’s start with the living room or lounge. A living room is often the heart of the home, can easily become a cluttered space where day-to-day life happens.

To create a peaceful haven, start by decluttering. Remove items that don’t belong and give everything a designated place.

Invest in smart storage solutions that blend with your decor, such as one of Furl’s clever tables (such as a coffee table with storage), or a sofa with storage.

In a living room, a storage sofa can store anything from a full suitcase underneath, or if you buy a Furl sofa bed ⏤ one that’s perfect as a a sofa and a bed for everyday use at night ⏤ then you can also gain storage space in the arms.

Next, consider the layout of your living room or lounge. Arrange furniture to encourage a smooth flow of movement. If the room doubles as a play area or workspace, use rugs or furniture to subtly define these zones. Finally, aim to keep surfaces clear and opt for minimalistic decor to maintain a sense of calm and order.

Furl clever table, compact console, dining table
Furl clever table, compact console, dining table

A mix of patterns and prints can dramatically elevate the character of your living space. The key is to strike a balance that feels harmonious rather than chaotic.

Begin with a dominant pattern that you love and gradually layer in complementary designs. For example, floral prints can be offset with smaller geometric shapes or subtle stripes.

The secret to harmony lies in maintaining a consistent colour palette across different patterns to ensure cohesiveness. This is one of the reasons you’ve got 100s of fabric choices with Furl sofa beds and sofas with storage (and our storage beds), so you can pick one that’s right for your rooms and designs.

Furl sofa with arm storage
Furl sofa with arm storage

Benefit from Accent Pieces

Accent pieces are the jewels in the crown of interior design, offering an opportunity to inject personality into your space. Accent or statement pieces of furniture act as focal points, drawing the eye and creating interest.

When selecting accent pieces, consider their size, colour, and design, and how they will fit into the existing scheme of the room. Each piece should resonate with your personal story or interests, or be something you’ve collected from a special moment or holiday.

These stories add layers of meaning to your decor, transforming your space into a curated gallery of your life experiences. The goal is to create a space that feels both personal and inviting, a reflection of your journey and tastes.

Furl Home Office
Furl Home Office

Balance Aesthetics and Functionality

When it comes to interior design, the balance between aesthetics and functionality is key. This is especially true in urban homes where space can be at a premium.

At Furl, we understand this need to save space and make the most of it in compact living homes, offering stylish solutions like storage beds and sofa beds that combine form and function seamlessly.

A storage bed provides a dual purpose: it serves as a comfortable place to rest while offering ample storage for keeping the room clutter-free. Similarly, sofa beds offer the flexibility of a guest bed without sacrificing style or comfort in your living space.

Furl sofa bed, DUETTE
Furl sofa bed, DUETTE

Looking for space-saving furniture when doing a design & declutter

Take a look at our sofa beds, sofas with storage, storage beds, and clever tables in our 3 London showrooms. And, if you’re in a hurry, we’ve got numerous pieces of furniture in stock for quick delivery.

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Our white-glove team takes care of everything, including packaging and even recycling your old furniture.

All of our storage beds and sofa beds come with a no-quibble guarantee, including the mechanism, spare parts, and fabric.