british mattress

British Mattress, the why, where and how…

Have you been looking for a British Mattress? Something well and truly born and bread in the UK. With so many companies launching online, it can sometimes be tricky to find a totally British Mattress. As the item that we use in the home absolutely every single day, well almost, you should take care over choosing the right mattress for you.

As a company that specialises in storage beds and wall beds, they both require mattresses. So we have a lovely range of mattresses available too. And they are all British! We make them all to order, in seven different standard sizes. But if you are looking for a slightly peculiar size, we can also make them especially to fit your space. Just give us a call and we can explain it all.

British Mattress – why ours might just be the right mattress for you

So our range includes mattresses made with the very best technologies. With something for everybody, you will have an exceptional sleep comfort every night. No two mattresses are the same, and no mattress is the best. The best mattress, is simply the mattress you think is the best. We all sleep differently, so we will all like different things. This is the list of our mattresses:

british mattress
Basic 1000

Great value traditional mattress, 1000 individually pocketed springs, medium firmness.

british mattress
Luxury 1500

A sumptuous mattress with wool, silk and cashmere fillings from head to toe for luxurious comfort.

british mattress
Luxury 2000

Just like the luxury 1500 but with more springs for a slightly firmer feel.

british mattress
Firma 1400

This mattress is designed for people who need or like an extra firm mattress. This no-turn mattress.

british mattress

Duo 1200

A unique blend of traditional pocket springs and memory foam. 1200 Pocket springs provide you with a supportive base.

british mattress
Slim 1600

Developed for the low slim look, this mattress has all the comfort in a slim design, with natural wool fillings.

british mattress

Biorytmic Firm

Extra Firm all foam mattress with a hi-tech cover that contains natural minerals.

british mattress
Latex 750

The original Healthy Body-Moulding filling with a unique open-cell self ventilation structure.

british mattress
Memory Flex 750

Our award winning Memory Flex mattresses are made from special foam, which adapts to your body shape as you sleep.

No matter how much you think you might like them on paper, we always recommend that you test the mattress. We have them at our showroom, with loads of pillows to really settle down for a nice long nap (or test!).