Who are Furl?


transforming furbutre Furl


Hello, and welcome to Furl, the only name you’ll ever need for space-saving and innovative multifunctional furniture.  We’re the experts in Storage Beds, Sofa Beds, Extending Tables, Ottomans with storage and so much more. In fact anything that gives you back your space and improves your home life.  We’re passionate about Living Furniture, which is what we call furniture that transforms from one useful item into another.

So, why Furl?  Furl is the new name for The Storage Bed Company.  Since 2007 we’ve been offering lots more than just premium storage beds, so to keep it simple we’ve created a new brand to bring everything together in one memorable place. And that place is furl.co.uk

What does Furl mean and where has it come from? Is Furl a strange name for a company that makes furniture?

It won’t come as any surprise that as much thought went into finding the right name for the new us as goes into designing our practical, multifunctional furniture.

What comes to mind for you when you say the word Furl? To me it’s a flower in transition from bud to bloom – that magical process where something starts so small and insignificant and becomes something so beautiful. Or it’s flags and sails that quickly and easily transform from something enormous and hugely practical into a very neat tidy package.

Furl is all about movement and transition, opening and closing, rising and falling. And that is a sentiment that carries with many of our products. Our sofa beds easily open and close to change from a sofa to bed and back; the storage beds lift to go from bed to storage space. The tables open out or rise to go from coffee or console table to a dining table for up to 10.

So you can see that as a business we’ve always focused on furniture that folds and unfolds, rolls out and transforms from one product into another – so again Furl seemed just right.

And that is Furl.  Space saving functional furniture that you’ll enjoy, use and show off!   Most of our products are proudly made and designed by us at our workshops in Nottingham.

The result is practical, space saving furniture for homes that live.