wall bed

Need help measuring for a wall bed?

Have you recently been considering a wall bed? Perhaps for your every day bed, or as an option for the spare room? Wall beds are becoming increasingly more popular. As space is becoming increasingly smaller. They allow you to use a room for various functions. As a second living room maybe, an office space or perhaps even a walk in wardrobe room. But still provide that proper bed that you so desperately need when guests come to stay. However a wall bed is a large item, and you need to make sure that it fits in your room. So here is our measuring guide for our three different wall bed types.

Wall bed – Model One

This is actually our most popular model, because it is sleek, slim and offers that proper bed that so many people are looking for. We make all of our wall beds in 6 different sizes and each bed is of a different size. Here are the dimensions for you to see how our wall beds might fit within your room.

Wall Bed

Wall bed – Model Two

Our second wall bed model is a little bit deeper, and loved for it’s internal storage. Standing at 60cm deep, it can also be built very nicely into surrounding wardrobes or furniture. Again, we make this model in all of the 6 sizes, but the dimensions are different to the first model due to the increase in depth.

Wall Bed

Wall bed – model Three

This is exactly the same as our model one version but on its side. It therefore means that if you have width, but not height or opening length, this wall bed might fit into your space. Remember again that we make it in all 6 sizes, so you should find a size to fit your space.

Wall Bed

How to measure your room for Access

All of our wall beds are brought in to your homes in complete pieces. Should you then select our Home Assembly option, which we automatically add, they are then built and fitted within your room for you by our team. This means that access isn’t usually a problem. Our general rule is that providing you can fit into your room, it can too. But if you are concerned by the widths of your corridors, then please just get in touch with us. Remember though, the largest part is only half of the width of the wall bed you select. The depth of each individual panel is then only a couple of cm, so they are very slimline.

If you have any more questions, then just get in touch with us via email or even twitter. Or come and see us at our London Showroom, where we can show you a working wall bed and discuss the dimensions with you in more detail.