Bring the family together with a traditional dining experience

Enjoying a family meal is now more challenging than ever. The average family spends just 5.9 hours a week preparing and cooking meals. Compare that to the 13.2 hours spent on average in India and you get an idea of just how hectic the average UK household is. Unfortunately, the knock on effect of this lack of spare time impacts family time. We want to help recreate this family time.

A 2015 survey found that 19% of Brits spend no time at all eating with their family. It also found that the hottest tea-time topic was dominated by what was on the TV; another hint that having a family meal around the dining table is becoming a rarity. This worrying decline has an impact on the development of children.

Furl wants to combat this decline by encouraging families to get back into the dining room, even if you have very little space for a family dining table – we have you covered!