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Furl reviews – why we are happy to shout about them

Some people might think that it’s a little bit weird that we are writing a blog post on Furl reviews. But it’s these reviews, glowing if we might add, that make our jobs worthwhile. We are so obsessed with our product. So you can imagine how we feel when we hear that our customers are just as obsessed with them.

It was a comment from one of our showroom customers that got me thinking about sharing other furl reviews with you. It was a ‘too good not to share’ moment. After we had finished discussing his storage bed options, he simply came out with this…

“Coming to Furl is like going to a Supermarket without a list. You just end up coming out with everything.”

Honestly, I couldn’t contain the inner happiness that crept up onto my face. So to show you just how true said customer was, here are some of the most recent reviews of our products.

Here’s what our lovely customer Sally had to say about her Storage Bed.

From our first visit to the delivery the whole experience was totally professional. Have now resolved all of our storage problems in main bedroom, will certainly use FURL for our spare Bedroom.

Tessa got us blushing with her five star review of her Sofa Bed .

The sofa bed arrived exactly as we had ordered it after using the easy to navigate website. It arrived on time and the installation was performed efficiently and quickly by the two delivery men. We love the colour, the ease of changing from sofa to bed and vice versa and most of all, the mattress, praised by our guests as being extremely comfortable. Would recommend Furl to everyone looking for a top class sofa bed.

This glowing review from R Lee about our Wall Beds got us smiling a lot too.

Ordered a wall bed. Superb product, excellent service and overall great customer experience. Would definitely use again.

Would you like to know what I think about my Furl products?

And these are only some of the most recent furl reviews. As a Furl customer myself, I thought I would leave you with a couple of photographs showing the products I have in my home. As well as a little review of course.

furl reviews
Here is my medium 3-seater Duette that I use as a sofa everyday. As well as the Blanket Box that I have as a coffee table come footstool. It is an actual game changer – you wouldn’t believe what’s inside it! Every guest that has stayed thinks that the sofa bed feels like an actual bed. And I have to admit, we get it out for movie night every now and again, so I can say I absolutely agree!
furl reviews
And then there is the storage bed. This is most definitely the most comfortable bed that I have ever slept in, ever! I have the Max, with the Standard Integrated 60 headboard and Duo 1200 mattress. The delivery guys, even though I know them well, were fantastic. And took extra care to squeeze the bed in-between two brand new bedside tables!