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Sofa Beds for heavy people

High Quality, handmade sofa beds designed for everyday use.
Featured Model - Duette with chaise option

Are you looking for a sofa bed that is sturdy, strong and supportive?

Then you have come to the right place, because our strong steel sofa bed mechanisms are just that – sturdy and strong, and supportive enough to be used as sofa beds for heavy people. Our sofa beds have been specifically designed and made to support and be enjoyed by people of all shapes and sizes. And they have actually been sleep tested taking up to 300kg in weight. So they really are the heavy duty sofa bed you might be looking for.

Not only are all of our sofa beds built around our strong steel mechanism that can be used daily, they also come with a 5 year warranty. To put your mind completely at rest if you are after a sofa bed that can take heavy weight. We have 10 different sofa bed styles, and each one of them is built around our strong sofa bed mechanism , so if you are after a sofa bed that can take a little more weight, then you don’t have to compromise on style.

Your Every Day Sofa Bed

Stunning details, expert tailoring with padded lines and subtle curves.

Our sturdy mechanism cleverly opens so that you don’t actually have to remove any of the sofa cushions. This means that they very simply transform from a sofa in to a bed. The mattress actually opens out to the height of a normal bed, and so you actually feel like you are sleeping on a proper bed. It does also make the mattress much easier to get in and out of too as it is at a regular bed height. Our mattresses are also all 14cm deep, which immediately makes our sofa beds more supportive. We also have a choice of different mattress types, including Coil, Pocket Sprung, Reflex Foam and Memory Foam. All of which have a length of 200cm, which is actually the same as a King Size bed.

Not only do we have a choice of different sofa designs, but we also have a choice of different sizes too. Starting from an armchair offering a single bed, right the way up to an extra large 5 seater sofa bed that has a super king size mattress. So if you are after a spacious sofa bed, with a strong mechanism and a quality and comfortable mattress that is great for supporting slightly heavier people then you are certinaly in the right place. They can also be upholstered in your choice of fabric or leather, so you can ensure that they suit your home.

If you are still not too sure that we really make sofa beds that take heavy weight, and would like to hear more about what our customers think of them, then click here.

4.87 Average of 1010 Reviews visit site for more verified reviews


I am hugely impressed by the bed. Whilst expensive, it is superbly made, looks good, is a joy to ‘manage’ and my guests say they have slept extremely well and would never believe that they were sleeping in a sofa bed. I have only docked the star because they were not as communicative as they might have been in the early stages, knowing I had a deadline. David, who had been most helpful in the shop, emailed his apology for any delay saying he was 'never in the shop'. Perhaps he should spend more time there. Anyway a great product.

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