Sofa Beds for Heavy People

Given that sofa beds have been designed to be beds as well as sofas then the weight of the sleepers shouldn’t be something you have to consider. But weight restrictions or otherwise are not something the savvy shopper should leave to chance.

We’re all different sizes. Some light, some heavier, some short others taller. But whichever you are if you want a quality sofa bed that won’t groan (or worse still collapse) under the strain of a few extra pounds you’ll need one with a strong mechanism – especially if you’re going to use it every day.

At the heart of a decent sofa bed is a good quality mechanism. All Furl sofa beds are built around strong, steel mechanims that have been designed and made for regular use. Not only do they open and close easily but they’re also extremely robust so there are no restrictions on the weight of the sleeper. An added bonus is that the bed is at a normal height, so it won’t be like getting down onto the floor or climbing a mountain each time you get in or out.

The mattress is also something to think about when you’re considering how much weight a sofa bed can take. Given that many sofa beds have just a thin piece of foam that is supposed to pass as a mattress, then they’re unlikely to be comfortable for anyone. Our sofa beds all have quality, thick mattresses that are as good as any you’d find on a decent bed. There’s a choice too as we all like our beds to feel different. Have a look at the mattresses tab on any of our sofa beds pages for all the details.

The strong mechanism and choice of quality mattresses feature across our range of sofa beds. So all that’s left is for you to choose the style and finished look for yours. Cambio, Metro, London and Classic are all comfortable as beds and sofas, all open and close easily and quickly into a sturdy bed and all look great. They also all come in a large range of beautiful fabrics and leathers which can be seen on the Fabrics page. Choices, choices hey?

For more information on our sofa beds, feel free to give us a call on 0208 451 6999.

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