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Duette Sofa Bed
Our sofa beds are amazing, we’ve designed them to use as your main bed and sofa, they are comfortable, easy to open and in real bed sizes.
Passion for good design and practicality stands out in everything we do. Our storage beds have loads of easy-to-access storage to make your bedroom beautiful and clutter free.
Extending Lifting Coffee Table | Extends to Seat up 8 Guests Extending Lifting Coffee Table | Extends to Seat up 8 Guests 2
      Dining & Study

      Box Table is an elegant and unashamedly practical coffee table. You'll love its clean lines and effortless conversion into a table to seat 8 guests. 

      We’re passionate about living in well planned spaces

      Living Rooms just seem to be getting smaller and smaller. Quite often they are integrated into the dining room and kitchen too as one big open plan room. So they aren’t always a designated relaxing space anymore. With the old ‘nights out’ being replaced for the new ‘nights in’, it’s important to ensure that your Living Room is as spacious as it can be. Or is at least cosy rather than cluttered and a space you actually enjoy using. Being comfortable in your happy space is the most important thing. So you need to make sure that the design of your living room works for your needs. How many of you are there? Do you need to have two large sofas in order to seat everyone living in your home? Would having those two large sofas prevent you from fitting a dining table into the space? Well we have a few solutions for that. Newood is a coffee table, which can actually extend to seat 8 people. It rises up swiftly and quickly to dining table height and then simply extends to a 6 or 8-seater. Don’t worry about extra chairs, as we have folding chairs that are super slim at only 4cm when closed. They stack together too, so don’t take up much room to store. Far less space than a full dining table would anyway. You could actually use your sofa as a seat, which would mean needing less spares.

      We also have lots of other multifunctional coffee tables, which all help to save space. The Revo Table is a smaller version of the Newood and so would work better for a smaller room layout. The Horizon Table is perfect for people with no space at all for a dining table. We refer to it as our couch table. As you use your sofa as the seat and the table just lifts up and over your lap. Of course it can also be used for working too and not just eating! More often that not, the living room has to function for more than just one purpose. An actual dining room, as well as a study space, as well as a dining room and sometimes even a second or spare bedroom. Sofa Beds are a great way of accommodating guests without having to have extra furniture within your room. You need a sofa, so why not just have a sofa bed? The sofa beds at Furl are designed for everyday use, and so are very comfortable. They are quick and easy to open and the cushions remain on the sofa so don’t have to be stored. The London, Duette and Nuvo models also come with the options for storage arms. So you can contain the entire sofa bed within the sofa itself. Four pillows fit into one arm, and a summer tog duvet fits into the other. But of course you could store anything in them!

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