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Passion for good design and practicality stands out in everything we do. Our storage beds have loads of easy-to-access storage to make your bedroom beautiful and clutter free.
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Our sofa beds are amazing, we’ve designed them to use as your main bed and sofa, they are comfortable, easy to open and in real bed sizes.
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Make a purposeful entrance

Hallways are often really long and skinny, and don’t offer much space for anything really. It is important for them to have some furniture in them though, otherwise they can look quite clinical. They are also the first room that you enter when you come through the door. And so you want the hallway to look inviting, impressive and homely. Clinical is certainly not the word you want associated with the first space you see when you arrive home. Although blanket boxes were originally designed to be located at the foot end of the bed, not many people actually have space for them there. And so they have ended up finding their way into alternative locations. As our blanket boxes are actually made to order, we can make them as slim as 30cm deep. Which even for the skinniest of hallways, there would be enough room to fit one along one wall. Blanket boxes are also great to have by the door as they make for great shoe storage. They can also be made to seat height, so are perfect when closed, for using to actually sit down on whilst putting on your shoes. If you hallway isn’t long and thin, and you have been blessed with a little more space, then a Console Table is the perfect furniture pick. It’s great for storing your keys and also a table lamp, so that the hallway isn’t dark when you come in late.

Our Console Table isn’t just a console though. And can actually extend it to seat 10 people for dinner. So it can be used most of the year as a console table for your hallway. But then at Christmas when all of the family come over, you can extend it to seat from 4 people up to 10 people. With three leaves, you decide how long you want to make. And you don’t have to worry about where you are going to sit all of your extra guests. We also have a table that works in exactly the same way called A4. Although the A4 table is a little bit slimmer, so if you are tight for space that might be a better option for you. Hallways are also great for creating practical spaces you didn’t think possible. Like a working space! Flatmate is a super slim desk that mounts to the wall. As it folds away, it only needs to be open when you are actually using it. You could prop a little stool next to it, which could also double up as a stool to take off and put on your shoes by the door. Or our Folding Chairs are only 4cm thick when folded. Super slim and can also be mounted onto the wall. So they would be a great seat option for the Flatmate. Who would have thought you could create a little working space in a hallway?!

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