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Passion for good design and practicality stands out in everything we do. Our storage beds have loads of easy-to-access storage to make your bedroom beautiful and clutter free.

Classic Sofa Bed

Our sofa beds are amazing, we’ve designed them to use as your main bed and sofa, they are comfortable, easy to open and in real bed sizes.

Bring back the joy of cooking and entertaining at home

Don’t you think that we should always sit down at a dining table every evening? Leave the TV turned firmly off, and chat with our families? Or catch up with friends and chat about what happened during our day? It may not always be possible, due to working late or after work commitments. Maybe your children are all on different timetables. But when it can happen, it really is the very best way to end the day. Your dining room shouldn’t be overlooked. Although we all love a good TV dinner from the sofa every now and again, which is actually possible using our Horizon Table, it’s not something you really want to become a habit. So try if you can to fit a dining room or even just a small dining area somewhere into your home. If you do have the luxury of an actual dining room, then it’s nice to put an actual dining table into it. But you also want to make sure that it doesn’t overpower the room either. Yes you might have 14 people round to dinner once a month, but if your room looks too tight with a 14-seater then go for something smaller. You want your room to work for how you use it most of the time. Our 4x4 Table actually does just that. If you need a 6-8-seater dining table on a regular basis, and then every now and again you need one to seat more people, the 4x4 would be great for you.

Although your room might be able to take a large 140seater table, it might look a bit much if it was that size all of the time. And as you don’t need it to be that big all the time, it’s silly to permanently take up that space. The 4x4 really cleverly extends. It takes a matter of minutes to extend and is so easy, you wouldn’t mind doing it every day, let alone every month! But not all of us have the luxury of having a full dining room and we somehow have to create one. This is where Clever Tables really help. Furl actually has coffee tables that extend into dining tables in all shapes and sizes. So if you don’t have a permanent position for a dining table, you can simply create one as and when you need one. The Revo Table works really well for smaller spaces and opens out to become a square table seating 6 people. The Multi Table is a little bit larger, and extends length ways to seat either 6 or 8 people depending on how many leaves you add in. Both coffee tables can be set to any height from their lowest to highest. They are also on castors so can really easily be moved to a different location to extend them. You can also have the tables at any height at any extensions. So if you have a children’s party and need the table to be a little lower, that’s possible too.

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