Passion for good design and practicality stands out in everything we do. Our storage beds have loads of easy-to-access storage to make your bedroom beautiful and clutter free.
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Our sofa beds are amazing, we’ve designed them to use as your main bed and sofa, they are comfortable, easy to open and in real bed sizes.
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Impress with the food and the furniture

These days’ kitchens are often combined with the dining room and living room as just one big open plan space. This means that a lot more now has to be fit into the kitchen area than ever before. Even if the kitchen isn’t attached to the living room, it’s quite possible that it needs to double up as a dining room too. But the big question is do you have space for your kitchen to also act as your dining room? We expect that the common answer to that question is probably no. So we need to find clever ways of ensuring that your kitchen can work as a both a kitchen and a dining room, without either affecting one another. That’s where really clever tables come in handy. The A4 Table is a console table and gets its name from being the depth of the height of an A4 sheet. As it’s 82cm wide it fits really nicely on to the side of a kitchen unit. Which acts really nicely as extra workbench space or simply a space to store cookery books or knickknacks. When you want to extend it, you then can. There are 4 leaves and you decide how many of those you would like to put in. One-leaf seats 3 people, 2 seats 6 people, 3 seats 8 people and 4 seats 10 people. It’s also on castors, so if you need to move it to extend it, it’s really easy to do so.

We have another Console Table, which works in exactly the same way seating up to 10 people for dinner. However when it’s closed the console is a little bit deeper and as the leaves store at the back of the table, it can be used as a one person eating or working space when it’s completely closed. This means that your Kitchen can be even more multifunctional, offering a workspace, dining space and still have a fully functional kitchen. Your kitchen might actually have the space for a slightly more permanent dining table. But what it might not have space for are chairs on both sides and the space that you need to pull those chairs out to get into them. If that is the case, then a bench seat is a really good alternative. It’s easy to slide onto and so in turn helps to create space. If that bench seat were also to be a blanket box it would not only help to save space but also help you to gain space. You could keep the table linen, mats and other rogue kitchen items in there. We make our blanket boxes to order and so you could have it made to the right size for your table. We can also make them in leather so that they are wipe clean. There are lots of leather colours to choose from, so you could definitely find something to fit your scheme.

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