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Passion for good design and practicality stands out in everything we do. Our storage beds have loads of easy-to-access storage to make your bedroom beautiful and clutter free.
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Play Sofa Bed
Play Sofa Bed
Our sofa beds are amazing, we’ve designed them to use as your main bed and sofa, they are comfortable, easy to open and in real bed sizes.

Study, relax or escape - its all about your time

If you have a designated study room, then you are one of the lucky few! But just because you do have one, it doesn’t necessarily mean that want to use it for one function, and one function only. A study room also doubles up as the perfect spare room. You tend to only work throughout the day, and so your study can be transformed into guest bedroom by night. Furl sofa beds can be used daily and are as comfortable as proper beds. So would be the perfect addition to a study room. They can also be really quickly converted to bed, so no faffing. And the cushions all remain on whilst opening it out, so no need to find space to put those either. The Play Sofa Bed was actually designed with a study room in mind. It’s got an angled back, so it naturally turns you to face the person sat next to you. Which is perfect for office meetings. We like to refer to the Play as the conversational sofa. Although there is no guarantee it will make your meeting run smoothly, you have to make that happen! It can come with no arms if your space is tight, but also has a variety of different arm options if you’d rather it came with them. Of course this isn’t the only sofa bed option that can be added to a study room. So if your space is seriously sophisticated, then a leather clad Milano would be the perfect option.

Perhaps you don’t have a study room, but really need to create one. You need a homework corner? Or a designated home-office space? Well here is where you need to get a little bit clever with your rooms. With space saving furniture, you really can transform an awkward space into a really practical one. And quite simply create a study room out of nowhere. I can see you looking around your room now thinking, but how on earth can I just create a study space. Or perhaps you are looking thinking you have no idea where you might put one. This is where clever space saving furniture really comes into play. Space saving furniture you might not have known even existed! Like for example, our Twofold Wall Bureau. It is designed to function as both a shelf/bookcase and a desk. It can also be mounted at any height on the wall, so you could even mount it at standing desk height. You simply fold the shelf down when you want to use it as a desk, without having to remove any books from the shelf whilst you do. Those with a little more space might be able to fit the Flatmate, which is more of a permanent desk solution. But as it is only 122mm deep, it takes up next to no space at all. Your laptop can also be stored in it whilst not being used. And can even be charged using the integrated power socket.

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