Simplicity Wood Storage Bed

Our storage bed on wheels. Easy to move for cleaning or changing position in the room.

  • Up to 31cm storage depth
    Up to 31cm storage depth
  • checkmark
    With space for one full size luggage piece (up to 41cm depth)
  • 8 sizes, from single to Emperor
    8 sizes, from single to Emperor
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    Oak, walnut & painted wood finishes
  • checkmark
    With or without a headboard
  • 7 luxury mattress options
    7 luxury mattress options
  • End or Side opening
    End or Side opening
  • Electric option available
    Electric option available
From £1,595
  • 5 Year Guarantee
    5 Year Guarantee
  • 50/50 Payment & 0% Finance available
    50/50 Payment & 0% Finance available

About Simplicity

The Simplicity bed is everything it seems: a beautifully simple design, with space for everything you need inside and it’s on wheels for easy moving.

If you’re looking for a storage bed that’s on wheels for easy changes of position or a bed you can move for cleaning this is it. The Simplicity is here to help you create an effortlessly put-together room with easy-to-access storage for all your favourite things.

And there are certainly no issues when it comes to storage. Underneath, there is an incredible 36cm of storage depth*, which is enough space to store luggage, shoe boxes - or any number of other belongings.

* Simplicity has a unique design that has space for one piece of full-size luggage up to 85 x 60 x 36 (cm) deep, the remaining storage area is 26cm

We are delighted to re-introduce a range of wood storage beds, using carefully selected wood veneers instead of hardwoods for increased sustainability.

Prized by woodworkers for its strength, grain and natural colour, walnut has a smooth finish and an attractive grain and so it is widely used in luxury interiors where it truly comes to life. Rarely seen on storage beds, walnut is stunning and will make a real statement piece in your bedroom.

Oak is one of the most resistant and durable woods, making it perfect for furniture that gets used a lot. It is a wood that brings naturalness, elegance and warmth, making your room more welcoming.

Or choose oak painted black or oak painted white, to enjoy the feel and grain texture of wood with a colour that’s more suited to your interior.

Roomset & Images options
Change Model
33cm Height
20cm of Storage
Mattress 135 x 190
Select your room
Room 1 Room 1
Room 2 Room 2
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Total Price £1,890 VAT incl.
Choose Your Bed Size

UK and EU bed sizes as standard.  We also offer custom sizes, please ask

  • Single 96 x 196 £985
  • Small Double 126 x 196 £1,230
  • Double 141 x 196 £1,330
  • Continental Double 146 x 206 £1,440
  • King 156 x 206 £1,490
  • Continental King 166 x 206 £1,550
  • Super King 186 x 206 £1,700
  • Emperor 206 x 206 £2,020

Need a bespoke size? Contact us

Need More Storage? Add an extra 5cm

If you need extra storage, then '+' your bed and get 5cm extra storage.

  • No First
  • Simplicity + £195
  • Oak £435
  • White £435
  • Walnut £435
  • Black £435
Choose Your Headboard

Headboards add a focus point in your room. View all our designs

  • No Headboard First
  • Wood £295
  • No Mattress First
  • Luxury 1500 £665
  • Memory Flex 750 £800
  • Latex 750 £960
  • Gel 1800 £830
  • Luxury 2000 £830
  • Vegan 2000 £875
  • Vegan 3200 £875

Our mechanisms are easy to open, but if you need help, choose the electric option to open your bed at the touch of a button. 

  • Manual First
  • Electric First
Storage Access

To allow for different room configurations and space, we offer two ways to access the storage. More info

  • From the End First
  • From the Side First
Feet Colour

Customise the look of your bed with our feet colour choices. 

  • Castors only First
Shoe Storage

A built-in shelf to keep your shoes organised inside the bed.

  • None First
Security Box

Discreet and hidden, our safe is bolted to your bed and is the perfect place to keep your valuables. More info

  • No First
  • Key £245
More options
  • Mechanism Cover
  • Ironing board holder
  • Luxury Pillows Latex High Profile (Pair)
  • Luxury Pillows Latex Low Profile (Pair)

Our products are delivered in sections for easy access into your room.

  • Home Installation
    Estimated Delivery time: Apr 29th, 2024
  • Express Delivery
    Estimated Delivery time: Apr 01st, 2024

Order Summary

  • Simplicity Wood
    141 x 196
  • Wood Finishes
  • Opening Mechanism
  • Storage Access
    From the End
  • Feet Options
    Castors only
Total Price £1,890 VAT incl.

Carefully chosen for your sleep comfort, our storage bed range includes the very best mattress technologies for an exceptional sleep experience every night. All our mattresses have the No-Turn Easy Care feature which removes the need for it to be turned.

Latex 750 | Storage Bed Mattress

Latex 750

The original Healthy Body-Moulding filling with a unique open-cell self ventilation structure.

Firmness: 4 | Depth 22cm

Luxury 1500 | Storage Bed Mattress

Luxury 1500 Mattress

A premium, luxury mattress with sumptuous fillings of blended wool, cashmere and silk covered with the finest soft-touch Belgian damask. A lovely, natural combination that’s warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot.

Firmness 3 | Depth 24cm | 1500 Springs

Luxury 2000 | Storage Bed Mattress

Luxury 2000 Mattress

Just like the Luxury 1500 but with more springs for a slighty firmer feel.

Firmness 5 | Depth 25mm | 2000 springs

Memory Flex 750 | Storage Bed Mattress

Memory Flex 750 Mattress

Our award winning Memory Flex mattresses are made from special foam, which adapts to your body shape as you sleep.

Firmness 5 | Depth 22cm

Vegan 2000 | Storage Bed Mattress | Firm

Vegan 2000

No turn and with luxury poly-cotton and latex fillings finished with a chemical-free luxury Belgian damask fabric offering a soft touch luxury feel. Approved by the Vegan Society.

Firmness: 5 | Depth 27cm | 2000 springs

Vegan 3200 | Storage Bed Mattress | Firm

Vegan Lux 3200

No turn and with luxury poly-cotton and latex fillings finished with a chemical-free luxury Belgian damask fabric offering a soft touch luxury feel. Approved by the Vegan Society.

Firmness: 3 | Depth 27cm | 3200 springs

26 and 36cm of storage

Simplicity has a unique design that has a deep space for one piece of full-size luggage up to 85 x 60 x 36 (cm) deep, the remaining storage area is 26cm. Because simplicity is on castors and designed to be moved, it’s easy to remove the luggage before moving.

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