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Oak Storage Bed

We specialise in designing and making high quality, beautiful storage beds.

Stunning Headboard Designs

We specialise in designing and making high quality, beautiful storage beds.

Wood Storage Beds

We specialise in designing and making high quality, beautiful storage beds.

Bespoke Storage Beds

We specialise in designing and making high quality, beautiful storage beds.

Oak furniture is completely timeless and there are few things more homely and traditional than the addition of an Oak ottoman Storage Bed.

All of our storage beds are designed and made to order, so no matter how much storage you need, you can have a solid oak storage bed.

We have 6 different storage bed designs, each one offering a slightly different amount of storage. It also means they look different too, so you can choose the best design to suit your bedroom. Our Simplicity model is our bed with the starting amount of storage, which is still a huge 20cm. The Low bed is actually lower to the ground than simplicity, but because of its clever base it has more storage at 24cm. Air has a ingenious combination of two different storage amounts. Although it looks like it’s off the floor, most of the storage actually goes all the way down to the ground offering 15cm and 30cm of storage.

Plus is our tallest bed with 30cm of storage, but both Illusion and Max have more storage. Illusion with 33cm and Max with 35cm. No matter which bed you like the most, all of them can be made in solid oak, so you simply have to decide which one you like the most. They can also be made in any size from Single (90cm wide) up to Emperor (200cm wide) too, including Small Double, British Double, Continental Double, British King, Continental King and Super King in-between.

You can also choose whether or not you would like to add an Oak Headboard to your high end Oak ottoman storage Bed Base. Our wooden headboards are non-integrated and so mount on to the back of the bed using sticks, or you can mount them to the wall. Although did you know that can actually add a fabric headboard onto a wooden base too.

Oak is actually just one of many wooden finishes that we offer. If you are looking for a wooden storage bed, you could also choose from Cherry, Ash, Maple, Beech, Walnut, Black or White painted wood. You can actually order free wooden samples too.

The wood we used is carefully sourced to ensure the finest grains, before being carefully worked on by hand to deliver the finest possible finish. If you would like to talk to us more about a solid oak ottoman storage bed, then please call us on 0208 4516999.

4.88 Average of 1016 Reviews visit site for more verified reviews


excellent service - very helpful on line chat, bed arrived on time and was assembled beautifully, I sleep like a dream - couldn't be happier!

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