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Deep Ottoman Beds, Space for Everything


Ottoman beds are perfect for storing anything and everything discreetly and cleanly. They are ideal for bed linen, duvets and blankets. Even shoes and handbags are stored easily and are very accessible for when you need them.  But what about large bulky items like suitcases? 

  • High Quality as Standard
  • 5 Styles and 6 Sizes to Choose From
  • Practical Storage Solution
  • Pick Your Colour, Fabric or Finish
  • Custom UK Made To Order
  • Prices From £535
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Suitcases, Pushchairs and a Canoe!

Those are just some of the weired and wonderful things that our customers store in their beds. But why not? If you have an ottoman bed that’s deep enough the only limitation is your imagination.  Suitcases can be a nuisance to store especially if you have a modern home that doesn’t have a loft or an airing cupboard, traditionally the space where you’d keep any large items that are not used regularly.  Not many ottoman beds have deep enough storage for larger suitcases but our Max and Plus models do with 30 and 35cm of storage depth.  We always recommend that you don’t store your cases empty and always store smaller cases in the larger ones – like a Russian doll.  That way you’re being very space efficient. Vacuum bags are also a good way of making better use of your space, perfect for duvets and sleeping bags stored next to your camping gear.  

With a bit of clever thinking you really can use every millimetre of space. Just because you have lots of storage doesn’t mean you’ll want to waste it.  Storage is a luxury that will have a direct impact on the way you use your bedrooms – for children ottoman beds are ideal, especially when it comes to them tidying their rooms. Lift up the bed and throw everything in and, voila, parents will be very impressed.

Sleigh Storage Bed

Featured Model - Sleigh Oak King

Prices start at $2845

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Air Storage Bed

Air - 31cm deep


Simplicity Storage Bed

Simplicity- 20cm deep

Best SellerMax Storage Bed

Max - 35cm deep

Illusion Storage Bed

Illusion - 33cm deep

Wood Storage Bed

Wood Beds

Plus Storage Bed

Plus - 30cm deep

Leather Storage Bed

Leather Beds

Low Bed

Low Bed

Ottoman Box

Ottoman Box