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We’re passionate about art and the talented people who produce it. We also love how when you find a piece you love it can transform your home and the look and feel of your room. We’ve teamed up with George Thornton Art, a local gallery who are specialists in affordable original art.


No More No LessOil on canvas, 160 cm sq

Paul Lemmmon£4000
Using oil on canvas to recreate his own photography taken whilst roaming through London’s nightlife, Paul Lemmon’s pieces have a voyeuristic, fly on the wall quality to them. Combined with the vivid colours and vigorous brushstrokes that have become definitive qualities of his work, his pieces are fully immersive, absorbing the viewer into the glamorous and exciting nightlight of the city.

PortraitAcrylic on canvas, 100cm x 160cm

Mike Edwards£800
Often heralded as a pioneer of modern typographic art, Mike Edwards pieces often transcend traditional art forms with the words he incorporates into his pieces. Readable whilst still retaining an aesthetic quality that creates an almost photographic quality from afar, his work in inspired by a plethora of contemporary popular culture such as pop art and rock roll, accumulating in truly unique and exciting pieces.

Trafalgar Square with pigeonsAcrylic on canvas, 150cm sq

Rachel Tighe£2250
Heralded as the modern day Lowry Rachel Tighes Urban Landscape pieces are wonderfully evocative of the vibrant cities she portrays. This piece in particular perfectly encapsulates the nature of London's own Trafalgar Square. With the distinguishable red buses and slightly industrial coloured urban skyline, it’s strikingly expressive representation of the London landmark resonates with the viewer, making it almost seem as if you are there yourself.

Leicester Square WalkAcrylic on canvas, 120cm x 90cm

Rachel Tighe£1750
Rachel Tighes distinguishable Urban Landscape pieces vividly encapsulate the colourful and vibrant nature of the streets of London. Invading the viewers senses with dynamic colours and energetic brushstrokes her pieces perfectly showcase modern day London.

TwiggySpray-paint on pixilated images, 100cm sq

Nick Holdsworth£995
Nottingham based artist Nick Holdsworth’s intricate images combine a number of different artistic methods to create striking images of pop culture icons. Using multiple layers of photographic images, he then uses spray paint to create convoluted detailing and remarkable depth to his images. From afar the images lend themselves more to a traditional pop art aesthetic but on closer inspection you can truly see the phenomenal detailing and painstaking work that goes into these truly outstanding original pieces.

The StormOil on board, 80cm sq

Darren Stevenson£1250
Specialising in Seascapes, Nottingham born artist Darren Stevenson has been known to spend hours in rain or shine sitting static to finish his pieces. His use of oil and sandpaper give his pieces, like this one, a great textual quality that perfectly embodies the harsh, volatile and sometimes savage beauty of nature in extreme weather conditions. His wistful brushstrokes give his pieces not only a ferocious edge, due to the subject matter itself, but also showcase the wonderful romance of nature.

The CoveOil on board, 80cm sq

Darren Stevenson£1250
Travelling up and down the English coast and France, Nottingham born artist Darren Stevenson often sits for hours using only traditional methods to paint exquisite and enigmatic seascapes. Working in oils and under impressionist guise, his use of ‘rabbit skin’ glue to prime the canvas gives his work a wonderful textural quality which, once dried, he manipulates with sandpaper and oil to create rich and beautifully romantic scenes.

Raging Under SpinnakersAcrylic on box canvas, 70cm sq

Jan Nelson£995
Combining her two great loves of art and sailing, self taught artist Jan Nelson’s work encompasses the spirit and nature of sailing with her use of thick layers of paint allowing her pieces to catch the light and have a wonderfully hidden textural depth. Her vibrant use of colour with this piece gives it a beautifully abstract quality whilst still retaining its initial voyeuristic quality of sailing along choppy waters.

The RaceAcrylic on box canvas, 70cm sq

Jan Nelson£995
Jan Nelson’s love of sailing is apparent throughout her collection of self taught pieces. However, it’s her exploration of colour that really sets her apart as an artist. For this piece in particular, the use of deep blues and greens evoke a slightly darker feeling image, of choppier waters and restless nature.

A Colourful StartAcrylic on Canvas (framed), 133cm sq

Jan Nelson£2300
Layers of paint are added to the canvas. Thick, long strokes of paint applied to give depth to the work.

Back to the GardenAcrylic on Box Canvas (unframed), 91cm x 121cm

Gail Troth£1695
Paint is mixed with cleaning fluids, changing its weight mass density. Dripped onto the canvas and then manipulated to create the content.
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