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Sofa Bed Storage

Cleverly hidden storage

Storage has become one of the most important needs of our everyday lives. It’s something we all need and never seem to have enough of. We are constantly working to improve the storage possibilities of our sofa beds.

Finding space to store the bedding during the day can be a problem too, and we've got around that by incorporating optional storage compartments in the arms. Most of our sofa beds have this option when you design your sofa bed. This offers so much storage that we managed to store four pillows, a duvet and some towels in the arms.

If you want even more storage, we offer ottoman foot stools to complement your sofa bed, they are at the perfect height for you feet and have masses of storage within.

We recently launched storage sofas that can be used on their own or to match with our sofa beds.

Our Sofabed Range


Our best so far, amazing comfort and the thickest mattress in the world! From £1875


The softest seat and deepest mattress we've ever made in a sofa bed It's the best. From £1875


Sofa Bed with a headboard, deep seat and high arms. 18cm luxury mattresses From £2075


Deep seats with tapered arms From £2265