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Sofa Bed Fabrics

100's of fabrics to choose from

We take our fabrics seriously. Each one is scrutinised and fully tested for suitability and durability before we offer it to you. How long a fabric will last is measured by something called the Martindale Rub Test. The higher the number the harder wearing a fabric will be. A score of 20,000+ is considered normal for general domestic use, like everthing we do, we go further.

Our Current fabric ranges are made up of the following.

  • Linen 60% Cotton 40% Linen 36,000 Rub count
  • Habitat 48% Viscose, 24% Polyester, 20% Cotton, 8% Linen 40,000
  • Chenille 50% Viscose 50% Polyester 50,000 Rub Count
  • Mystere Velvet 100% Polyester 100,000 Rub Count
  • Macrosuede+ 100% Polyester Microfibre with Healthguard 50,000 Rub Count
  • Habitat 48% Viscose 24% Polyester 20% Cotton 8% Linen 40,000 Rub Count
  • Soft Wool 100% Laneve Wool 50,000 Rub Count
  • Wool Classics 92% New Wool 50,000 Rub Count
  • Leather 100% real leather hides. 0.9 / 1.1mm thick.

Geniune Leather

When it comes to leather, we use hides from animals raised in the EU. This way we can ensure a better quality. The animals are kept in humane conditions so have fewer scars and marks and they're not given growth hormone which can lead to deep stretch marks. Besides happy cows make for lovely sofa beds! Because hides aren't regularly shaped a lot of careful cutting is required. We remove any imperfections as we know you wouldn't want them to be included in your sofa bed.

Our Sofabed Range


Our best so far, amazing comfort and the thickest mattress in the world! From £1875


The softest seat and deepest mattress we've ever made in a sofa bed It's the best. From £1875


Sofa Bed with a headboard, deep seat and high arms. 18cm luxury mattresses From £2075


Deep seats with tapered arms From £2265