Sofa Bed Frames
Sofa Bed Frames

Durable, Dependable and Long Lasting

Our sofa beds are built around a metal frame, which houses the mechanism and mattress. Being metal it’s very strong and sturdy and has been designed and made to last for many years.

Other components such as arms, back and headboard are made using plywood, MDF and hard woods. All our wood is sourced from FSC certified, well-managed forests.

Something we’ve learnt over time is that different materials suit different applications. With a sofa bed with such a smooth opening and closing mechanism, weight and balance are critical. To ensure the perfect finish every thing we use is precision cut, upholstered and slotted into the frame.

Because of the unique way we make our sofa beds we can ensure consistent quality and, most significantly for you, we can be sure it will go into you home because it will be delivered in sections ready for assembly.