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Ottoman Storage Beds with tall legs

Rarely seen on ottoman beds, legs raise the bed of the ground creating a sense of space in your room

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Have you found that most ottoman beds just look clunky? Were you after an ottoman bed with space underneath it?

That doesn’t look huge in your small room - an ottoman bed with legs? Well then you have come to the right place as we specialise in making stylish, space saving storage beds.

Although we have 5 different storage bed designs, two of them have been specifically designed with legs. And despite looking elegant and stylish, they still have a massive amount of storage too. The first of which is AIR. Air is a beautiful bed that stands off the floor with slim elegant legs that add a real lightness to the bed. But despite looking really elegant it still has really clever internal storage.

The height of the bed is just 36cm from the floor, but its tall elegant wooden legs raise the base off the floor creating a sense of space under the bed that you’ll love. Although the bed might appear to look like its completely raised, the storage actually drops to the floor in the centre, offering two storage depths. There is 15cm storage around the edges, and the drop down in the middle gives you 32cm – enough to fit a full sized suitcase.

ILLUSION is our second beautiful storage bed on legs that still doesn’t compromise on storage. It has a massive 33cm of storage, which is huge for a bed that gives no hint to what might be hidden inside. Illusion stands on elegant stained oak, solid oak or walnut feet. Just like the Air, although the bed appears to be raised off the ground, most of the storage actually goes all the way to the floor. Illusion has a solid wood tray base that gives you a massive 1000 cubic litres of storage.

As all of our beds are made to order, you choose the size, fabric or leather or wood, headboard (if you want to add one), and the colour of the legs too. So you are actually creating a bespoke ottoman with legs made just for you. Our beds start at single and range up to Emperor size.

You may have seen Air on our Instagram, but if you would like to see it in person with your very own eyes, then you can do so at our London Showroom. We will also be on hand to answer any of your questions too. Or alternatively, you can call us on 0208 4516999 and we would be more than happy to help.

4.87 Average of 1010 Reviews visit site for more verified reviews


We have been very pleased with our bed. It is very stylish and of good quality. We purchased the Max in the king size as we wanted the biggest storage underneath and it has made a huge difference to space in the bedroom and ease of which to find an item in the storage area. Previously we had to crawl under the bed to pull boxes out and go through opening them all up to find something. These beds are expensive but it will last a long time and not fall to bits like cheaper versions.

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