Sofa Bed Cushions
Sofa Bed Cushions

Super Comfortable

Our seat cushions are made from a hi-tech foam and that’s what makes our sofas bed so comfortable - we use lots of it in all sorts of different shapes and sizes. It’s applied to all the hard surfaces before the final linings and fabric or leather.

We know how irritating it is to have to remove the sofa cushions and find a home for them while the bed is open - so we’ve designed ours so you don’t have to. They stay in place under the sofa even when it’s a bed.

Each seat cushion is profile cut for comfort and its foam interior is wrapped in a special padded lining before the final fabric is applied. This level of attention keeps the cushion looking and feeling better for much longer.

We use Reflex © foam, which is the best available and suits our sofa beds perfectly. Foam is a hi-tech business - there are literally 100s of variations on the market, each with a different feel, texture and density. We chose the type we did so that our sofa beds always feel comfortable and supportive and the cushions bounce back to their original shape once you’ve stood up.

For extra comfort we offer feather bolsters and scatter cushions for extra support. These can be made in a contrasting colour if you prefer.