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Luxury Sofa Beds

High Quality, handmade sofa beds designed for everyday use.
Featured Model - Duette with chaise option

What do you think luxury sofa beds have that normal sofa beds don’t have?

Are they better looking? Do they feel better to sit on? Are they more comfortable to lie on? Or are they just generally better? Well luckily for you, we think that a luxury sofa bed is a combination of all of those things. It has to look great, it has to be more comfortable (as both a sofa and a bed) and the mechanism has to be better too. So baring all of that in mind, that is exactly what we created – a good looking sofa bed, that functions easily and feels great.

It’s all about good looks. Of course a luxury looking sofa bed will be subjective, as we all like different things. So this is exactly why we have created 10 different sofa bed styles so that you can find the right looking sofa bed for you. Each one of our sofa bed designs is as stylish and high quality as each other, leaving you with the simple decision of choosing the one you like the most. Each one of our sofa bed styles can also come in the five different sizes. Our smallest size giving you a single mattress and ranging right the way up to a super king size mattress in our large luxury sofa bed. Our most popular size are the luxury 3 seater sofa beds which has a mattress almost as large as a King Size.

Of course not only does a luxury sofa bed for everyday use need to look good, it also needs to feel good too. And that means it needs to have a super comfortable mattress. When we started designing luxury sofa beds, we established that the bed needed to be as comfortable to sleep on as an every day bed. So rather than using really slim mattresses like most sofa beds do, our mattresses are 14cm deep which makes them instantly more luxurious. We also have different mattress options to choose from, including a Coil, Pocket Sprung, Reflex 45 and even Memory Foam. A luxurious sofa bed needs to feel like an actual bed, so this is why all of our mattresses are 2m long (That’s 6’6!).

But not only does a luxury sofa bed need to look good and feel good, it also needs to function well too. This is why our sofa beds are so easy to open, and can be changed from sofa to bed in a matter of seconds. You also don’t have to remove any of the cushions to open them, which is a sofa bed luxury, as with most other sofa beds you have to spend ages trying to find space to store all of the cushions. When they are opened, they also open to the height of a real bed. Which not only makes it easier to get in and out of the bed, but also makes it feel like a real bed too.

Our luxury bespoke sofa beds are just as good as a bed as they are as a sofa. If you still aren’t convinced then why not read what our customers have to say about them here.

Not only are they comfortable sofas and comfortable beds, they can also come in a range of different fabrics too. So you can design a luxury leather sofa bed, or a luxury fabric sofa bed, including our most popular luxury velvet sofa bed.

4.88 Average of 942 Reviews visit site for more verified reviews


Loving my new sofabed. As I live in a studio flat I did find it difficult to find a sofabed I could use to sleep on everyday, Ordering was straight forward (if a little scary spending so much money on something I had not seen or sat on) I needn't have worried though as it arrived on time and the delivery guys were quick and efficient in putting it together. It is very comfortable as a sofa and a bed, and so easy to change from one to the other. No messing about with removing cushions as it folds in and out in one piece. I would definitely recommend this company to my family and friends.

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