We Make Luxury Sofa Beds

What does luxury sofa bed mean to you? Is it to do with looks, feel or function? Luckily enough to us luxury sofa bed means all three.
Sofa beds get a lot of bad press - and if we’re honest it's no surprise as many out there are truly awful.
Ours though are very different. All through the design process we focus on function and comfort - how does it feel to sit on? How does it feel to sleep on? Is it quick and easy to open and close? Hence to us a luxury sofa bed is a sofa bed that is comfortable to sit on and comfortable to sleep on (proper, thick mattresses ensure they feel as good as any regular bed). So if you’ve been wondering what a comfortable sofa bed looks like - here’s the answer.

Metro 5 Seater in Grapefruit Pink

Featured Model - Metro 5 Seater in Grapefruit Pink

Prices start at £1290

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