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Firmer than our Pocket Memory mattress and with less 'bounce', Reflex is made from a hi-tech foam that feels like latex, it gives you total body support but does not have the heat retaining properties of memory foam. A superb mattress that’s sure to impress your guests. Medium/Firm.

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John G.

We've had our Furl Sofa-bed for a couple weeks now and its fulfilling their high-standard promises in an exemplary fashion. We couldn't ask for or get more from the product or service. From the super efficient delivery (20 mins I think in total from door-knock an hour earlier than their quoted slot to done and left) including unwrapping and assembly, explaining care of the leather and use of the extra features we chose (twice, with nothing but professional courtesy, to ensure my wife understood), all with great care for our flat and no problem bringing it up the stairs with the full delivery option to all our showroom visit experiences (which is quite spacious and very clean). David and others at Furl are very friendly, helpful, and honest, and gave us plenty of time over multiple visits (he waited for us to be done at closing time once), no pressure. If there is one tiny wish, the website isn't always super intuitive eg. materials selection especially on our 10" tablet, and selecting custom colours from their wider range you need to have the right fabric "custom" option chosen for the price quote to be accurate I believe (as of 2016). We love that its a British company and made here, we love the colour we chose (having had several swatches sent us and compared at home in different lighting situations), and the leather is fabulous plus we know if there's any problems under warranty they will remake any piece/the whole thing in the same colour for many years yet and match it up. The 5 year warranty on /everything/ (not just the frame like many lesser companies) is indicative of a quality brand putting its money where its mouth is. We love the extra features we chose (at reasonable prices) you just can't get anywhere else - the storage arms, the moving system (wheels on hidden levers - makes shifting it/lifting the legs for cleaning a breeze), having a taller back cushion for my back support (I'm 6'). Its also about the longest mattress we found (very tall friends/relatives will be sleeping on it occasionally!) and the reflex foam is so much more comfortable compared to almost[*] every other sofa bed we tried out in shops, you can't feel the metal bars or straps underneath and its frame doesn't get in the way when you're swinging limbs over the side, nor does the sofa back/arms (so much). The leather has just settled down from its slightly chemical-smelling brand-newness and dissipated/"out-gassed" (aka "off-gassed" as this is called - is the same on other leathers) its initial new-ness, its starting to smell more like plain older leather. All the pieces arrived clear-plastic coated so hadn't yet had a chance to do that since manufacture. [*] just a couple other brands in the same ball-park price for the basic sofa could compete on mattress comfort and length, but its mainly a sofa for us and occasional visitor bed and the difference wasn't material enough (ho ho!) to lose out on all the other fantastic Furl features/service. Heartily recommend Furl sofa beds if within your budget (or you can stretch to it after trying out others that fall short), especially if you like the extra options available like we have.