2018 bedroom trends

2022 Bedroom Trends you shouldn’t miss

This post was first published in 2018. We’ve updated the information in this post for 2022 trends.

The new year is now in full swing. Can you believe that we are already into our third week of January. No me neither…how is time going by so quickly?! And with the new year, comes new trends. So here are the 2018 bedroom trends that you really should not miss. I have to say, I’m a little bit in love with them this year. And I just know that you are absolutely going to love them too.

The 2018 bedroom trends that you really cannot miss

I can hear you shouting at me saying just tell me already, just tell me. So I will stop waffling on, and list our favourites for this year, including my personal favourite.

1. Pantone’s colour of the year – Ultra violet

A year just simply cannot go by without the Pantone colour featuring within the 2018 bedroom trends roundup. And this year we are graced with Ultra Violet. I think you have to be quite fond of bold colours to love this one, but there are many ways of adding in this colour without it being too OTT. Artwork perhaps?

2. Velvet is going nowhere…it’s in it for the long haul

This has me beaming from ear to ear, because I’m an absolute sucker for velvet. Particularly when it comes in upholstered headboard form. Or accent chair form, yes I really love a great velvet accent chair. If you are unsure on velvet, but want to give it a go, why not try a few scatter cushions first? Headboard and Accent Chairs are expensive items, and you need to be sure you love velvet first. So start with a few smaller items, and you will soon know if you love it like I do.

2018 bedroom trends
This velvet upholstered headboard would work brilliantly within the 2018 bedroom trends.
3. Pendant Bedside Lights

Gone are the days where we just have ordinary bedside table lamps. The new trend, of which I can’t decide if I prefer more than velvet, is hanging pendant bedside lamps. Less clutter on the bedside table, more space for a stack of books that you might actually read. And dim, moody and atmospheric lighting. Have you ever wanted to make your bedroom look like a hotel room? This is exactly how to do it.

4. Metal

Metals are sneaking their way back in to the bedroom, but now in the form of burnt copper, rose gold and galvanised steel. Gone are the boring, plain old Gold and Silver. The easiest way of introducing one of these trendy metal shade is through your lighting. And seeing as they are both trending, a metal pendant bedside light might be the real winner.

5. Invest in a mattress that is right for you

You wouldn’t think that ‘the right mattress for you’ would actually become a trend. But it is. People are tuning into the fact that sleep is actually important. And you are now uncool if you don’t get your 7-10 hours. We need to look after our bodies, and that means a good mattress. Don’t be conned into thinking the most expensive mattress is the best though. You will have to invest your time, not money, in to finding the right mattress for you. Test, test and test again.

So how many of this years trends do you think you might be trying? I’m going for a Velvet Accent Chair, and pendant bedside lights. To start with anyway!