Beds With Storage

Loads of Storage
Loads of Storage
Just imagine having this much storage under your bed.
<div>Tidy Your Bedroom</div>
Tidy Your Bedroom
Beds with Storage are the Practical Solution to a Tidy Bedroom.
<div>Ottoman Beds have Storage</div>
Ottoman Beds have Storage
We’re Bed with Storage Experts. Our ranges include solid wood, fabric and leather
<div>Store Everything</div>
Store Everything
Deep storage gives you plenty of options for even the largest items
<div>Beautiful Storage Beds</div>
Beautiful Storage Beds
We specialise in designing and making high quality, beautiful Storage beds
<div>Solid Wood Ottoman Beds</div>
Solid Wood Ottoman Beds
Solid wood Sleigh Beds are custom made to order in Oak or Walnut
<div>Bespoke Ottoman Beds</div>
Bespoke Ottoman Beds
We specialise in designing and making high quality, beautiful ottoman beds

Choose a Bed with Storage to get a Clutter Free Tidy Bedroom

Beds with storage are a brilliant idea that will help you keep your room tidy, storage under beds have always been used but the space is often small and very difficult to access and dusty, you wouldn’t keep your clean bed linen under a standard bed would you? The best way to maximize the storage under your bed is to is to choose a bed that’s designed with storage built in, there are beds with drawers and there are beds where the mattress lifts to access the huge space under the bed – both storage ideas are good but depending on what you need to store under the bed will dictate the model you choose. Bed linen and towels fit perfectly in drawers, suitcases do not. Choose your bed carefully and you’ll get all the storage you will need in a bed.

Beds come in all shapes and sizes and it’s no surprise that most people prefer a larger bed. This is not always possible due to modern room sizes, but still it’s something we all aspire too. In the meantime though, whilst the mattress on your bed may not be your dream size there are ways you can feel better about it and improve the space and tidiness of your bedroom.

Beds with storage offer a simple, quick fix to any clutter problem instantly making your bedroom tidier and more spacious. Think how good it feels as well to know that everything is neat and tidy.

There may even be more space in the wardrobe for new clothes too. Most of us are guilty of keeping stuff under the bed whether it be large suitcases that don’t get used very often or an old pair of slippers long since replaced.

What’s absolutely certain though is no matter how clean you keep your bedroom the amount of dust that’s gathers under the bed is shocking.  One of the many advantages of beds with storage is that the storage area is sealed, so no dust gets in and all the items inside stay clean and dust free.

There are 8 models in our range, all of them have masses of storage and are easy to lift including our storage beds on legs, which make a statement in the room without looking like a storage bed. View all our storage bed models and start designing the perfect bed for you.

Beds with Storage. Made in the UK and Assembled by Us

Our beds have more storage than any other bed, they are effortless to lift and can be made in your choice of fabric or leather. Our website offers hundreds of colour options but we still have more fabrics to choose from at our showroom.

Because we deliver our storage beds in sections, access into the room is never a problem even on our largest sizes.

The Finer Details

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    Made in the UK | Best Quality
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    8 Models and 8 Sizes to Choose From
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    Practical Storage Solution
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    Most Storage Capacity
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    100’s of colours in Fabric or Leather
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    Made Bespoke for You
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    Double Bed Prices From £835
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    Delivered in sections by our own Team

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