In 2001 I bought an old ruin in a small village in Spain with the idea to turn it into a holiday home.  After years of work I managed to create a home with all the character of a 16th century castle in whose walls it was built. 

Now, back in 2001, I was not working in interiors, I'd never build a house and the thought of what kind of furniture I'd need did not even enter my mind, so I focused on the important parts… the walls! 

Fast forward a year or so and the project was completed and ready to be furnished.  Because of my obsession with restoring the walls ( we discovered that they were once  part of the castle) we didn't want to cover them up, so creating built in wardrobes etc was out of the question.     

What if we could use the space under the bed for storage?  We went shopping and spotted a bed that did just that, not with drawers but the whole mattress lifted to reveal a masiive wardrobe like space! The perfect solution. 

Creating space from space you already have is so very satisfying!

A bed is normally the biggest piece of furniture in the room, often its on legs and it has space underneath.

I've used the space to store boxes of papers and photos, shoes and all sorts of stuff I never use, I know they are there and gathering dust, and somehow thats ok because you know they are things you dont need often. 

My holiday home project made me realise the value of the space under the bed, not just for junk but as a way to live in a clutter free space and better still use the bed as a horizontal wardrobe.

As a holiday home, I quickly realised how small a room is when you introduce luggage!  There is not enough room to not trip over it.

Having a bed that allows for suitcases to be put out of the way and out of sight is amazing and no matter how small the room is makes it feel instantly bigger.  

I quickly discovered that the space under the bed is not just for small things, you can get seriously organised with storage baskets from IKEA!   Use them like drawers, smalls in one, T Shirts in another etc…. use one with a lid as your laundry basket.  

Top Tips for Decluttering Your Bedroom

1. Get a Storage Bed

2. Never store empty luggage 

3. Store Winter Clothes in a vacuum bag

4. IKEA storage baskets fit perfectly under the bed 

I'm a hoarder.  There I said it…  its true, I hate throwing things away, not just because I think I'll use it again one day, but because I have an emotional attachment to 'stuff' and I think thats fine, we should all be allowed to keep what makes us happy and what makes us sad.  

Under my bed I have all sorts of memories, old photos, boxes of bric-a- brac from my grandmas house etc. Stuff that means so much to me that I've not looked at it for years!    I love knowing it's there, it gives me comfort. 

I'm interested in decluttering my bedroom, and by that I mean removing things from view, that's my definition.  There are so many things you dont need to see unless you're using them and as far as I'm concerned thats one of the big advantages of a storage bed.   Yes, a wardrobe can do that too, but if you've but boxes and luggage in your wardrobe, where are you going to store your clothes?

Think of a storage bed in the same light as a garage or a basement but clean, well organised and instantly accessible.  Is it time to start decluttering your bedroom? 

Investing in a storage bed is a smart and practical choice for anyone looking to declutter and maximise space in their bedroom.

With its dual functionality, space-conscious design, and stylish aesthetics, a storage bed is a no-brainer for most with its combination of form and function who would say no to a beautiful bed with storage?

if you live in a small homes or apartment, especially in a big city where space is at a premium, every square inch counts.

A storage bed eliminates the need to see bulky dressers or cumbersome storage bins, allowing you to make the most of limited floor space.

By incorporating storage directly into your bed frame, you free up valuable real estate in your bedroom while still keeping your belongings easily accessible.

That old ruin in Spain turned into a lovely restored townhouse, clutter free with 3 storage beds - not a suitcase in sight.