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  • Multifunctional Tables

    Transformable Tables

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  • Multifunctional Tables

    Multi-functional Tables

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    Revo Coffee Table

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Ozzio Transformable Tables

For a few years now we’ve wanted to add a range of multifunctional tables to the collection of space saving furniture we make and its taken a many hours of research and testing to find the people we wanted to make them.  After all, as we’re putting our name to them they have to meet the same quality standards as they would if we were making them ourselves.  Despite our search, we didn’t find the perfect match until we approached Ozzio Italia.

Ozzio are a small company in Northern Italy who have been making transformable tables for over 50 years, they share the same passion as us in that they understand the way we live is changing, our homes are getting smaller and therefore need to be more functional – the furniture we choose can no longer simply be a table, it needs to be so much more.   Passion alone doesn’t make a good product, Ozzio are pioneers in the use of telescopic and foldout mechanisms that enable the transformation of a seemingly small table to extend into a table that you can entertain a party of 10 guests comfortably.

One of our first attractions to Ozzio were their love of natural materials, you will find the use if real wood, stone, leather and glass and ceramic, not only do these finishes look amazing but they are practical and sustainable too.

Ozzio products are enjoyed in major cities worldwide and now are available for you to see and try at our Showroom, where you’ll see the largest collection of transformable tables in London.  Unlike many retailers, Furl hold stock of the most popular ranges and colours we deliver quickly and set up you new table in your room, naturally we take away the packaging for recycling.

Multi with Cream Glass

Featured Model - Multi with Cream Glass

Prices start at £1995

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