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Improving the way we live

That’s a bold vision statement, but it’s one of the fundamental reasons we do what we do. Our vision is simple, to design and manufacture the very best functional furniture money can buy. We love meeting the needs of the current generation of city dwellers where houses are smaller, access is tighter and the demands of the space are greater. We relish the challenge of improving some of the most used furniture in our homes into great multifunctional pieces that extend their use beyond its primary function.

We’re constantly working new designs, improving others, seeking out new fabrics, materials and finding new ways of doing things to ensure our products are as comfortable, as useful, practical and never forgetting to be beautiful.

During a recent showroom visit, a guy said to me, ‘it’s a crazy idea but would it be possible to change the design a little?’ It really annoyed me… because I should have thought about it before! It was a great idea and it went into production the following Monday! It's from your ‘it’s crazy but what if…. ‘ the best ideas are born. Because we make everything in house, your ‘what if’ becomes real a few days later.

David Norman  -  Director, Furl

It’s not just about the product though. We want your experience of buying from us to be great too, so we put a lot of effort into making sure we’re on hand to answer all your questions and offer advice, if you come to the showroom you’ll only meet people who are passionate about our products, we’ll take the time to show you the full range and all the options.

We’re very much at the forefront of functional furniture design, it’s an exciting business and want it to stay that way. So, we’re constantly using new technologies to develop our products, we have an amazing team and they are teaching the next generation too, we’re proud to have an apprenticeship programme, and that’s our part of our vision too.

One Showroom and Two ShowPods*

Our flagship showroom is in London Swiss Cottage, but for those of you who live too far away, we’ve created ShowPods, compact spaces within our workshops or warehouse where you can see our best-selling products closer to home.

* ShowPod - a perfectly formed, more compact space where you can see our best-selling products closer to home

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