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Unique Features of Our Storage Beds

Why our Storage Beds are best


We know there are loads of storage beds online, but they're not all the same!

We offer you 5 storage depths, 7 sizes and 100s of colours, designed and made by us at our Nottingham workshops.

Good to know... Our beds are delivered in sections, and expertly assembled by us. Access into your room is never a problem.

What Makes Our Storage Beds Special?

We lift higher

Our easy -to-use lifting mechanism raises the mattress higher than any other storage bed - This is really important because it allows you to access the items stored within the bed (even at the back) easily from the front and sides.

A Small Footprint

We're all about giving you space, not taking it away, which is why our bed frames are just 2cm larger than the mattress. Our Storage beds are the most space saving you can get.

Sturdy & Supported

It's all about the mechanism, the orthopedic sprung beech slats work with your mattress to support the sleeping surface. Each side is sprung independently for greater comfort and a better night's sleep.

Huge Storage

Our beds are always designed to maximse the storage potential in your bedroom. Even our slimmest model has a plenty of sapce for luggage with over 550cu litres of storage.
Choose Max and and you'll have the the most storage you can get in a storage bed.

Amazing Value

And if you think all this makes our storage beds expensive.... they’re not.

Prices for a Double Simplicity delivered and installed by us in your home your costs as little as £735 and is guaranteed for 5 years.


Air Storage Bed

Air - 31cm deep


Simplicity Storage Bed

Simplicity- 20cm deep

Best SellerMax Storage Bed

Max - 35cm deep

Illusion Storage Bed

Illusion - 33cm deep

Wood Storage Bed

Wood Beds

Plus Storage Bed

Plus - 30cm deep

Leather Storage Bed

Leather Beds

Low Bed

Low Bed

Ottoman Box

Ottoman Box