You create the space, and we'll help you maximise it with beds, and furniture that fit.

Sofas that fit in lofts. Avoid the disappointment and choose a sofa thats been designed to fit through small spaces.

It's the worst feeling ever, you've been waiting weeks for your sofa to arrive and when it does arrive, it does not fit into the space you had planned for it.

Sadly it's a very common story, and one we don't like to repeat, in fact, even before we started manufacturing our sofa beds, we decided to design in the ability to fit into small and difficult spaces like lofts and some basements. 

We do this by designing the sofa or sofa bed into small sections, that we can then carry individually into the room for easy assembly. 

The comfort of the sofa or sofa bed is largely unaffectect and the cushions remain as designed and intact, it's the structure of the sofa that causes the problems, and with that part I sections, there is rarely an issue.

Creating the space in your loft may satisfy your immediate need for extra space, but it may not be forever, and when you've invested in a quality sofa or sofa bed, you'll want to take it with you to the next place, choosing one that fits into you loft was a good choice, it will disassemble just as easily.  

Storage Bed in a Loft

If you need a sofa in your new loft room, you need to know which ones will fit and which ones can further improve your space.

Will it fit?  We know thats your biggest concern, we understand the disappointment of having a bed you've set your heart on, arriving and not fitting and is a stress we never want you to experience.  Thats why all our products have been designed to be assembled in your room, it's all part of the service.   We aim for hassle free, always. 

Still not sure? To organise a home visit to measure, please visit one of our showrooms to discuss your needs with our experts alternatively you can call us 0208 4516 999 or book online

Cambio Sofa Bed | Comfort And Best Value | 14cm Mattress Cambio Sofa Bed | Comfort And Best Value | 14cm Mattress 2
  • Best Value

Cambio Sofa Bed

  • Electric option
    Electric option
  • 14cm Deep Mattress
    14cm Deep Mattress
Sofa Beds

An amazing sofa bed mechanism that gives you an exceptional sleep experience, comfortable mattresses and a versatile sofa bed in 5 sizes and any colour you want.

Metro Sofa Bed | Contemporary design sofa bed Metro Sofa Bed | Contemporary design sofa bed 2
  • Best Seller

Metro Sofa Bed

  • 18cm Deep Mattress
    18cm Deep Mattress
Sofa Beds

Contemporary design sofa bed with the deepest bed Pocket, Reflex or Memory mattress up to 18cm deep for the ultimate sleep experience.

For most lofts we recommend a Sofa Bed or a Sofa with Storage. Why?

Loft spaces are amazing spaces, for me they evoke a sense of childs play, maybe its the tent like shape that makes it feels like a den, or the fact that its hidden at the top of the house, the perfect hiding place.   Lofts are magical spaces that are filled with light  (and the heat of the summer) and as spacious as they appear to be in the middle, the sides where the roof slopes, are a constant reminder of how tall you are!  

When it comes to making the best use of that new space, choosing the right kind of furniture is crucial to the success of the project. 

We've been designing and making sofas and sofa beds for a long time, and we've seen and delivered to some pretty spectacular spaces.  Whilst our delivery team have a different opinion, we love lofts, especially lofts with a view of the night sky for more than any other room in the house, the experience of sleeping with your eyes to the sky is amazing. 

Some lofts are converted as extra living space, we've seen lots of lofts used as a home office, and many depending on size, full size bedrooms.   

Your vision for the space does dictate the kind of furniture you need, but not always…. ( unless you've visited us before).   In our world, a sofa is never just a sofa, you've got options! 3 off them. 

How to choose the best sofa for your loft. 

Option 1- A Sofa with Storage Built-in

A regular looking sofa with masses of storage hidden underneath the seat, easy to access and large enough for big luggage etc.  

Option 2- A Sofa Bed

As good as a regular bed, with a proper mattress, in real bed sizes, easy to open and close ( even with a height restriction) perfect for guests who stay longer than a few nights.  

Option 3- A Sofa Bed with Storage 

The best of both, a comfortable sofa, with a proper bed inside and masses of storage for all your bedding and towels in the arms.

All delivered in sections for easy access into your room ( loft or basement)  and assembled my our expert team. 

We make products that fit the way you live and the space you have.

A little case study:

We've been listening and learning from our customers for over 17 years, along the way we've re-designed, innovated and created products that fit your space.   One of our more recent projects came about for a special new build, where the space was long and thin, there was not enough space for the sofa to open into a bed, yet a sofa bed was absolutely critical to the design and function of the room.  We had an idea 💡 why not turn the bed around, so you sleep sideways…. it worked, the opening space of the sofa bed was now 50cm less than our traditional sofa bed and the mattress was the same size.   Sideways is now part of our range, all thanks for a very determined customer to get exactly what they needed!  Naturally, we made it in sections for easy delivery and installation. 

Side opening loft bed with storage
bed for lofts in wood

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