The Deepest, Easy-to-Open, Space-Conscious Storage Beds

Imagine a bedroom free of clutter, extra space in your wardrobe for essentials, and a bedroom room that just feels bigger and more organised. Furl storage beds solve the problem of where to store large items that you don’t use every day, like suitcases, ironing boards, holiday clothes, and Christmas decorations.

Our storage beds are the most beautiful, comfortable, practical, and easy to open, and have the deepest storage you’ll find anywhere. Our space-conscious storage beds take up less space in your room and are delivered and assembled by our team in your home. 

Max is our Deepest Storage Bed up to 40cm Storage Depth Max is our Deepest Storage Bed up to 40cm Storage Depth 2
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Max Storage Bed

  • Up to 40cm storage depth
    Up to 40cm storage depth
Storage Beds

Massive storage in a small footprint. A bed you'll never need to clean underneath. Up to 40cm storage depth. Manual or electric mechanism.

What makes Furl
Beds Unique?

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    Fully Customisable Designs

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    Maximum Storage with the Smallest Footprint

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    All UK and European sizes, plus bespoke sizes

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    Easy to lift Side/ End opening or Electric Mechanisms

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    Delivered in Sections for Easy Access


Whilst the operation of all our beds is similar, the main difference between the models, apart the the very obvious styling changes is the amount of storage they offer. Low, for example, is designed as a low bed (great for lofts) and has 20cm of storage, whereas Max has the deepest storage area, which provides up to 40cm. Don't be fooled by our beds on legs, they will surprise you with massive storage capacities too.

Our beds are designed for storage, we're obsessed with maximizing the space under your bed. Our designers consider what people want to store under the bed, and we work around that. For example, large suitcases take up lots of space as they are often 30cm deep, most of our designs offer much more than this.

We make our sofa beds in sections, so we can as good as guarantee we'll be able to get yours into your chosen room. Our delivery staff are very experienced so will quickly assess the best way in when they arrive. Once it's in place, they will then assemble your new sofa bed and take away all the packaging too.

We will deliver your sofa bed as quickly as possible. Current delivery times are around 4-10 weeks (which is pretty fast given they're all hand made to order). When your sofa bed is nearly finished, we will contact you to arrange a suitable delivery date and time. On the day we'll call you when we're close and once we've delivered your sofa bed our team will even take away the packaging.

See our Beds in Action

Easy to open and close

Our mechanisms are designed to be effortless and easy to use, so in one swift motion, you can completely transform your bed. Go from sofa to bed in 3 seconds! Made from the strongest steel, our sofa beds are durable enough to be used every day as a sofa and comfortable enough to be used every night as a bed.

Delivered in sections

Everyone worries about getting furniture into their homes, especially when space is limited. Tell us how much room you’ve got for a sofa bed, and we’ll ensure the right model fits into your house, flat, or particular room it’s going into. We can also custom-make one to fit. So, whether you’ve got winding staircases, narrow doorways, or tight passageways, your furniture won’t get ’stuck with us. Our furniture is delivered in sections, so it’s guaranteed to fit into your space.

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