You create the space, and we'll help you maximise it with beds, and furniture that fit.

Perfect Beds for Low and Awkward Spaces

Unlock your loft's potential with our innovative storage beds, designed for restricted height and unusual shapes.

Like beds with storage underneath, lofts in our homes are a prime example of an underused space that could offer so much more, whether they areas prepared for storage or converted into more living spaces and bedrooms your loft is so valuable. 

They do have their challenges though, and using an experienced loft conversion company is essential to make them safe and as practical as possible, there are regulations now too, to ensure access in and out of the space is safe.   No more ladders here! 

Finding the right furniture creates a challenge too, after lovingly converting your loft into an an amazing bedroom, a mattress on the floor simply will not  do! 

Wardrobes are practically impossible in a loft, so finding space is essential - you probably think that by converting your loft space you've tapped into all the available space and you're probably right, however, that space where your bed sits, there's a huge space you can use there too. 

Storage Bed in a Loft

Designed for Loft Living

Our beds act as horizontal wardrobes, providing ample storage without sacrificing space. All products are easy to assemble in your room for a hassle-free experience.

Will it fit?  We know thats your biggest concern, we understand the disappointment of having a bed you've set your heart on, arriving and not fitting is a stress we never want you to experience.  Thats why all our products have been designed to be assembled in your room, it's all part of the service.   We aim for hassle free, always. 

To organise a home visit to measure, please visit one of our showrooms to discuss your needs with our experts alternatively you can call us 0208 4516 999 or book online

Low Storage Beds | Loft Beds with Storage Low Storage Beds | Loft Beds with Storage 2

    Low Storage Bed

    • Up to 27cm storage depth
      Up to 27cm storage depth
    Storage Beds

    Originally designed for loft spaces where a low bed helps balance the room.  Retaining our focus on storage and space this bed still offers 22cm of storage, that's perfect for cabin luggage. 

    Low Wood | Wooden Storage Beds | Loft Beds with Storage Low Wood | Wooden Storage Beds | Loft Beds with Storage 2
      Wood Finishes
      Wooden Storage Beds

      A low storage bed that is perfect for lofts and small spaces with low ceilings.  Boasting an impressive 20cm of storage, that's enough for cabin luggage and lots more.  Available in painted wood finishes, and natural oak or walnut. 

      Max Wood | Wooden Storage Beds | Our Deepest Storage Bed Max Wood | Wooden Storage Beds | Our Deepest Storage Bed 2
        Wood Finishes
        Wooden Storage Beds

        The deepest storage bed you can buy. Up to 40cm of space to store your largest items and luggage.  Incorporating our 'no clean' system so under your bed stays dust-free. Choose Oak, Walnut or Painted finishes. Suitable for heavy mattresses with a manual or electric mechanism.

        For most lofts, we recommend our Low storage bed with either an end opening or side opening mechanism (depending on which way your roof slopes)

        Loft spaces are amazing spaces, for me, they evoke a sense of childs play, maybe its the tent like shape that makes it feel like a den, or the fact that its hidden at the top of the house, the perfect hiding place.   Lofts are magical spaces that are filled with light  (and the heat of the summer) and as spacious as they appear to be in the middle, the sides where the roof slopes, are a constant reminder of how tall you are!  

        When it comes to beds and sleeping, we designed a bed specifically with lofts in mind.   We called it 'Low'  because… I don't think you need an explanation!  But just because it's Low, doesn't mean you get no storage, quite the opposite, our low storage bed has a massive 22cm of storage.  How big is 22cm I hear you ask…. well Ryanair, the Low cost airline states its cabin luggage size is 55x40x20, and that's a measure by which we design many of our beds, for us ( and you, we hope) if you can't at least store your small luggage, the bed storage is limited.  So, all our beds have a minimum of 22cm of storage depth. 


        As stated earlier, all our beds are designed to fit, whether that's into a loft, a basement or a small London flat!   They are delivered in small sections which we assemble in your room.  

        Most of our beds are on display in our showrooms, we have three in London and a showpod at our factory in Nottingham. Come and see us

        For your peace of mind, if you are at all unsure if one of our beds will fit then we'd love to visit, take a look at your space and assure you that it's fine, this is a free service in the London area. 

        To organise a home visit to measure, please visit one of our showrooms to discuss your needs with our experts alternatively you can call us 0208 4516 999 or book online on the form below. 

        End or Side Opening Options

        Choose the best opening mechanism based on your room's layout and roof slope. End opening suits spacious rooms; side opening is ideal against walls.

        As a general rule, if you have plenty of space at the foot end of the bed, end opening is the best.  If you're against a wall choose a side opening bed.  

        Side opening loft bed with storage
        bed for lofts in wood

        Book a Free Home Measuring Service (In the London Area)

        If you would like us to visit you at home with a tape measure and years of experience, just let us know and we’ll be delighted to help.