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We are officially on countdown to Grand Designs Live. Not sure if any of you managed to come and see our stand last year? However this year, it is twice as big and will be twice as fantastic. So, if you haven’t yet made a trip to our showroom, do not panic. You can visit us at the Excel in just 2 months and 22 days. See, we told you we were counting!

Now to those who don’t plan ahead, this may seem like ages away. But for those who love a good bargain, now is the time of the early bird ticket sales. Right now Grand Designs Live are giving a fantastic deal away – 2 tickets for £22 with the code GDL22.

Last year at Grand Designs Live, we met new friends, reminisced with old customers and had a week to remember. We opened and closed our wall beds around 200 times a day, and laughed every time sometime ran over to take off the glasses filled with water that they thought would fall over. With our clever mechanisms and cantilevering desk, your glasses of water can stay on the desk whilst the bed comes down. Now that is something that you know you just have to come and see for yourself.

So the show is on from the 29th April until the 7th May. Are you renovating your home and need new furniture? Are you looking for a way of turning a spare room back into a useable room for most of the year? Looking for a little more storage? Then our stand is absolutely the one to visit. Grand Designs Live has been one of the biggest interior inspiration and home renovating shows for years. We are so excited to be able to inspire you again this year.


New year new you. Let’s get fit!

Not sure about you, but we welcomed the new year with a few bubbles, laughter, family and friends. Actually perhaps a few more than just a few bubbles. So first of all, a huge Happy New Year to the lot of you! This year is all about you. New year new you and all. So we thought we might share our favourite recipes for keeping fit in January. Of course helping to shed all of that extra christmas weight.

At our London Showroom we have a fantastic table called Allwood. It is actually perfect for times like Christmas when you need a little extra dining space. Despite being a coffee table it actually extends to seat 8 people. However, when the festive period is over and all of your family and friends go home, you can simply slide it back to a table for 4.

new year new you

The first day back in our Showroom gazing at this gorgeous Cement version got us thinking. This post is all about the new year new you. So how can we start to get fit? So we came up with this. If a salad looks beautiful, on a stylish table…how can you not want to eat it? Our cement Allwood would fantastically display these Ottenlenghi salads.

Pan-Fried Brussels Sprouts And Shallot With Pomegranate & Purple Basil Salad

We are pretty sure that you must be as sick as us of the brussels by now. They just seem to keep on coming, so here is the famous Ottenlenghi Brussels salad. So rich with colour and sticky sweet, we are pretty sure that even if you don’t like Brussels you will like this one. With this one, there is no need to waste any of those leftovers.

new year new you
new year new you Method

‘Trim off the ends of the sprouts and cut them in two lengthways. Heat up a large wok or nonstick pan, and add two tablespoons of oil. Fry half the sprouts on high heat for about four minutes, until nicely golden brown all over but still quite crunchy. Transfer to a mixing bowl and keep somewhere warm. Add more oil to the pan and repeat with the remaining sprouts.

Add two tablespoons of oil to the pan and fry the shallots as you did the sprouts, for four to six minutes. Add to the sprout bowl. Add the maple syrup, lemon zest, molasses and remaining oil to the still warm vegetables. Add half the pomegranate seeds and half the basil, season generously and toss to mix.

Serve warm or at room temperature, with the remaining pomegranate seeds and basil sprinkled on top’.

For the full recipe visit the Ottenlenghi website – our favourite food go to.

French Beans With Shiitake Mushrooms and Nutmeg Salad

Sticking to the wintery theme, we thought you might like to also try this Nutmeg wonder. After all, green salads most certainly do not have to be boring.

new year new you

New Year New You Method

‘Fill a medium saucepan with plenty of unsalted water and bring to a boil. Drop in the beans and blanch for four minutes. Drain, refresh and set aside in a sieve to dry completely.

Heat two tablespoons of olive oil in a large frying pan. Add the onion and half a teaspoon of salt, and sauté over a high heat for about a minute, stirring the whole time. Reduce heat to low and cook for five minutes more, stirring occasionally. You want the onions soft, sweet and just turning golden brown. Add remaining oil, garlic, mushrooms, nutmeg and pepper; cook on medium heat for another four minutes, until the mushrooms are golden. Remove from the heat and mix in the beans. Season to taste. Pile on a serving dish and sprinkle with chervil. Serve warm or at room temperature’.

For the full recipe visit the Ottenlenghi website – I don’t even like mushrooms, and even I like the sound of this one!

Good luck with your ‘New Year New You’ programme. Let’s get fit together!

Comforting Halloween food perfect for our tables

Halloween is fast approaching and so is this winter weather…brrrr. These last few weeks we have had to wrap up warm. But that certainly hasn’t stopped us from heading out to the farms to pick this years winning pumpkin. With a few days still left to think about how we would like to carve our pumpkins this year, we thought it might be nice to offer a few of our favourite comforting Halloween food recipes instead. If you are having a little Halloween gathering, these foodie favourites shall certainly warm the spirits.

comforting halloween food

The Starter

There is nothing better than a bowl of warm, comforting Halloween inspired soup for the starter. Particularly Jamie Oliver’s pumpkin and ginger soup. Making soup is quick, easy and would look absolutely smashing served in a mini pumpkin. Cut off the pumpkin lid, scoop out the filling and keep it for the soup. When the soup is ready, ladle it into the pumpkin and pop the lid back on to keep it beautifully hot.

comforting halloween food

The Main

Comforting Halloween food is an absolute must for the main course. You certainly want to keep warm in between the trick or treat shifts. You can’t go wrong with a hairy bikers steak and ale pie. However by cooking a puff pastry lid separately, you could add in a couple of plastic spider before topping with the pastry lid. It might give your guests a fright, but would be certain to keep them entertained!

comforting halloween food

A little tipple

A fantastic favourite from BBC Good Food, this will be sure keep the adults relaxed, leaving the kids to run wild after snacking on all of those sweets. Just be careful to avoid any of those beetroot stains. Otherwise you may look like you have turned up in costume after all.

Our beautifully dressed console table at the London showroom
Our beautifully dressed console table at the London showroom, perfect for comforting halloween food

If you have recently visited our London showroom, or follow us on Instagram you may have noticed that we have a brand new white console table. A console table that is set and ready for comforting Halloween food for 8 people! Yes it really does start as a console table and turn into a 10-seater dining table. Come and see for yourself!

Perfect table for food at your BBQ – The Revo

Our wonderful customers that come and visit us at our Showroom sometimes get us thinking, and we often say you provide us with some of our best ideas. Last week, many people were admiring our Revo Table, understandably of course, but their reasons were slightly different from ours – it was going to make the perfect table for food at this years summer gatherings.

So having a BBQ this week, or at least attempting to, even if we don’t get blessed with the sunshine? By now I am sure we have told you how great our clever tables are, and a ‘recently added’ addition to that list of greatness is use for displaying food at the weekend BBQ gathering! So for this glorious occasion, and as a thank you for constantly bringing smiles to our faces, we want to share with you our top three salad recipes for summer.

perfect table for food

perfect table for food

perfect table for food

Easy to make and delightful to eat, we hope you enjoy making these salads just as much as we have done. Always on the lookout for new salad recipes that look great displayed on our clever tables, we welcome your creations and look forward to adding them to our book of ‘table worthy’ recipes. Obsessed with styling, and just in case you didn’t know, they look fabulous displayed in the Sophie Conran Salad Bowls and stacked at different heights on our Revo Table!

For those of you who are yet to be dazzled by our Revo, it is a coffee table that transforms into a dining table. Both practical and beautiful, it opens up in a matter of seconds to become a dining table that can seat up to eight people. Designed to perfection, there are no fiddly screws to undo or leaves to store and it is available in both glass and wood finishes. Revo is on display for you to see and try at our London Showroom, and we wouldn’t say no to you testing it out with a good summer salad!

Visit the Furl Showroom in London

You’re probably wondering why you have to make an appointment to see us?  Why we don’t have a regular shop on the high street you can walk into during normal shopping hours?
Let me explain…

Furl started in 2007 as an online business making storage beds and sofa beds from our workshops in Nottingham (where we’re still based).  Our products were an instant hit amongst those who appreciated high quality functional, practical furniture.  We quickly realised that most of our customers live in London and the surrounding areas and that you would really benefit from seeing our products for real, so in 2012 we decided to open a showroom in London.

Given our experience of visiting furniture stores on the high street and large retail outlets, where there’s lots to see but very few assistants who know anything detailed about the product and seem only interested in selling to maximise their commissions – we set out out be different.

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 09.48.07We found a lovely brand new unit in Wembley, which is easy to get to by car, (we’ve got plenty of free parking) Tube (Neasden on the Jubilee Line) and Bus (take any to IKEA wembley) and we set up our ‘shop’ there.  We’ve made in into a warm and inviting space that shows our products off beautifully.


Because we’re based in Nottingham we decided rather than employ someone to sit in the showroom everyday we’d make your shopping experience with us more personal.  So we decided to open two days a week on an appointment only basis.   We travel from Nottingham to see you and because we’re all involved in the making of the furniture we know the product intimately and with our solid understanding of the mechanics etc, we can answer any question you may have in a relaxed non-sales environment.

Our unique appointment system gives us the time to spend with you discussing your project or future plans, when you visit our showroom this is what you can expect:

  • A warm welcome, and a genuine ‘pleased to see you’ attitude
  • Personal attention in a relaxed environment
  • Full demonstration and explanation of our product range
  • Help choosing fabrics and colours
  • Expert advise from the designers
  • No sales waffle, lets just talk about what you really

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 09.48.07We want you to enjoy the experience of buying new furniture for your home, we are convinced that the time taken to choose the correct items is well spent, we encourage strict measuring of the space to ensure that you’re choosing the right furniture that not only fits the space but delivers the practical solution you need.

So, visiting us is not quite what you expect from a normal furniture store,  we feel it’s so much better, you get the personal attention we feel you deserve and we get to show off our brilliant products which we hope you’ll enjoy and find a space for in your home.

Click here to make an appointment to visit us.

Flatmate, a Very Clever Hideaway Desk / Bureau

Flatmate – a simple desk with storage

Flatmate desk - Furl

Wow, wow, wow.  Here’s something we can’t help but shout about. Every now and then we come across a product that’s so brilliant we simply can’t keep it to ourselves. And here it is. The Flatmate – a bureau/desk/office/filling cabinet all in one beautiful and incredibly stylish design. And while we didn’t design and don’t make it we are proud to be selling it.

The design is ingenious – it has a tiny footprint so is ideal for small spaces but is packed with practical features that really do make it the ideal home office.


“When closed, FLATMATE has a floor area of just 0.09 m2, therefore making it probably the smallest fully equipped bureau on the market. Due to its slim depth and sleek, unobtrusive exterior it transforms long hallways into home offices, offers an intimate place for writing letters in the bedroom or serves as a temporary workplace in a weekend home as required. FLAT MATE makes practical use of such remaining spaces, which are unsuitable for conventional furniture; due to its compact dimensions this reinterpretation of the bureau is ideal for mobile living users.”Flatmate Desk in Grey

Clearly we love the Flatmate – we wouldn’t be putting our good name to it if we didn’t. We’re not alone though as this design won the Best of the Best at the Interior Innovation awards 2012. The Flatmate really is something special. It’s beautiful, stylish, fantastically made and really, really practical and available in 10 colours.


Flatmate Desk with Storage



We keep Flatmate in stock in black and white and is available to buy through our website or London showroom –  Contact us to arrange an appointment visit our website  prices start at £880




FLATMATE Desk Dimensions

Light and Plugs Built In flatmate-0541_900x800

Light and Plugs



Flatmate is fully equipped, it has a light and a 3pin socket, perfect for charging your iPad, laptop or mobile phone out of sight

Multi Extending Coffee Table

Our Multi extending height adjustable coffee table is a piece of furniture that exudes elegance. But like all of our innovative products, it’s also so much more as Multi also extends and transforms into a fabulous dining table that comfortably seats 8/10 people.

Multi extending table

When it’s closed Multi is contemporary coffee table that oozes style and sophistication. It measures 120cm by 75cm and is 25cm high – so is perfect in a sitting room alongside a sofa (or indeed one of Furl’s comfortable sofa beds).

As a coffee table it’s incredibly versatile because it’s fully height adjustable. You could be sitting on the floor Japanese style taking sushi or enjoying a game of monopoly from the comfort of the sofa; its simple lever height adjustment effortlesly lets you raise or lower the table to suite you and your activity. Better still, because Multi is on castors, it moves easily around the room.

transforming tables

In a matter of moments though Multi can open out to become a dining table. Straight forward brilliant design means that it quickly and easily transforms to 220cm long. For dining to be comfortable and relaxing the dining table has to be the correct height. And so Multi has been designed to effortlessly lift to the perfect 84cm tall.

Here at Furl we believe in Living Furniture – that’s furniture that does more than one thing and changes with you as you live your life to the full. But it must also look good, which is why Multi is available in a comprehensive range of finishes including wood, leather, stone and glass, we even offer a special mark less glass that doesn’t show finger prints!  Prices start at £1695.

multi transforming table

Like Revo and Console, the other transforming and extending tables in our range, Multi is on show at our London showroom. In fact all of Furl’s range (which includes sofa beds, storage beds, ottoman storage boxes (and even a dog kennel) are there for you to see.

So come and see us at Furl. To make an appointment call us on 0208 451 6999. We look forward to seeing you.


Multi Coffee Table -Dimensions




Revo, the coffee table that transforms into a dining table

If space is tight you need to choose furniture that really performs. Take our Revo table.

coffee table

Clearly a coffee table, it’s as practical as it is beautiful. At 115cm long, 65cm wide and 23cm high as a coffee table it’s the perfect place for drinks, magazine and newspapers.

But like all the best things there is another surprising side to Revo.  It opens up in a matter of seconds to become a stylish dining table that comfortably seats 8. There are no leaves to store, no fiddly screws to undo.

transforming dining table
At 130cm long, 65cm wide and 80cm high Revo has become the perfect dining table.

Better still Revo can be any height between the 23cm coffee table and 80cm dining table. Ideal if you need to work a little in the evening or sneak a cheeky TV supper. Or perhaps you simply prefer a coffee table set a little higher.


Revo is available in glass or wood and priced from £995, including delivery and installation. Naturally, we will remove all the packaging for recycling too.  All our transforming table products are guaranteed for 2 years.

Revo dining table


collapsible chairsRevo is just one of a range of innovative products we offer here at Furl. There are chairs that fold down to a tiny 7cm. They work brilliantly with both Revo and Console, a table from our range that quickly transforms from a beautiful console table to a dining table to seat 10.

Like everything at Furl the transforming tables and folding chairs are the very best quality. We specialise in giving you space and either make our products ourselves or have them crafted for us to our exacting standards and specifications.

The Revo transforming coffee table is on display for you to see and try at our showroom in London. Call us on 0208 451 6999 for more information or to arrange an appointment to visit.

Console, an extending table that seats 10

Console-WhiteThis Console table seats 10!

Honestly, it really does! Console is part of our new range of space saving tables & coffee tables that offer unbelievable seating options in a space that’s, well almost impossible to believe.

Measuring just 47cm when closed, it extends to a whooping 239cm giving you a full size dining table for 10 guests.

Imagine the convenience of converting your side/console table into a dining table in less than 30 seconds – cleverly hidden inside this console table are the three leaves required to extend it. In one simple movement the telescopic action of this table opens to extend the seating options from 4/6 or 10 spaces. It features, when fully extended, a central leg support so even at full stretch, the table is very sturdy.


Finished in a range of real wood veneers, this table is as attractive as it is functional.

Click to enlarge image


Console is priced from £1995 including delivery, installation and demonstration. Naturally, we will remove all the packaging for recycling too. All our Table products are guaranteed for 2 years.

Our Console table is available to view at our London showroom, and is in stock in Ash Grey for quick delivery. A range of space saving chairs are available to match our Console table.

For more information or to make an appointment to come and see our Console table  – and our other innovative products – call on 0208 451 6999.