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Single Beds with Storage


If you’re looking for single beds with storage, your long search ends here. We at Furl® pride ourselves on providing our customers with almost limitless options. Let us build the perfect bed for you.

All of our single beds with storage are handmade from scratch in our dedicated Nottingham studio; and as each is made exactly to your specifications, it is no exaggeration to say that no two of our single beds with storage are ever the same. Each is a small masterpiece of contemporary British design.

Choose us, and you don’t just get a single storage bed. You get a bespoke reflection of your own personal style, with not another like it in the whole world.

  • High Quality as Standard
  • 5 Styles and 6 Sizes to Choose From
  • Practical Storage Solution
  • Pick Your Colour, Fabric or Finish
  • Custom UK Made To Order
  • Prices From £535
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Single Beds with Storage Completely Tailored to Your Needs

Single storage beds with storage are perfect for guest rooms and smaller spaces. They also work well in rooms that have to fulfil multiple functions. With a single storage bed, a room can quite easily be a study by day, and a bedroom by night.

Our single beds with storage are compact enough to fit in smaller rooms, yet large enough to provide a full grown adult with a comfortable night’s sleep. They offer between 20cm and 35cm of clean and easy to access storage space, so they are often used as substitutes for wardrobes, drawers, and other bulky items of furniture. In short, our single beds with storage perfectly combine comfort, style, and practicality.

Our single beds with storage are available in Simplicity, Plus, Air or Max styles, each of which offers different levels of storage space. We offer a range of high quality fabrics and finishes, but we can also upholster beds in a fabric of your choice with our bespoke design service.

In addition, we offer a choice of lifting mechanisms. For those interested in single beds with storage, we recommend a side opening bed. With a convenient opening mechanism that allows full-length access to the storage area, side opening beds are just the thing for tight spaces and smaller rooms. /p>

Single beds with storage are priced from £510. For more information, give us a call on 0208 451 6999.

Use our simple step by step guide to create your perfect single storage bed!

Single Storage Bed

Featured Model - Single Storage Bed

Prices start at £735

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Zack, London

Worth every penny.... On visiting the showroom, I was immediately impressed by the quality of the beds. But, like me, there must be people thinking, "This is not a cheap bed". Nevertheless, I thought this offered better value compared to anything else on the high street (especially if you are looking for a storage bed). Having had the max for a few weeks, I am still delighted with the sturdiness of the bed, superior lifting mechanism, and above all, how good it looks in my room as it was fully customised to my preferences. I know this will last a lifetime, and I have no regrets making this purchase. As mentioned by others, you can expect stellar service from the whole team, particularly the delivery + assembly team who took so much care when building the bed.

Posted 2 months ago

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