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When it comes to storage beds, most furniture stores will force you to buy your storage bed & mattress separately. We don’t agree with this approach, as it tends to trick you into thinking you’ve found a good deal. You might find a great deal for a great storage bed frame, only to see the price double with the addition of a mattress.

At Furl®, we offer a complete and a comprehensive package, where you pay for your storage bed & mattress for a single inclusive price. We can build bed frames to suit mattresses of all sizes – including Continental – and we offer a varied choice of nine mattresses to suit every person, every bed, and every budget.

  • High Quality as Standard
  • 5 Styles and 6 Sizes to Choose From
  • Practical Storage Solution
  • Pick Your Colour, Fabric or Finish
  • Custom UK Made To Order
  • Prices From £535
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The Perfect Storage Bed & Mattress Combination

We don’t just measure our mattresses in terms of size. We also look at the depth, the firmness, and where applicable, the number of springs. At entry level is the Basic 1000, which offers a depth of 25cm, 1,000 individually pocketed springs, and a medium firmness rating of 3. For those who require a firmer mattress, the Firma 1400 will be more than adequate, though the Luxury 1500 blends wool, silk, and cashmere fillings to provide 5-star levels of luxury.

It’s here where most furniture stores’ mattress ranges would end, but we’re just getting started. We have the Memory Flex 750, made from an ingenious foam that adapts to your body shape as you sleep. Then there’s the Duo 1200, which combines memory foam with traditional pocket springs for an extra supportive base. The Latex 750 features an open-cell self-ventilation structure that maintains a perfect sleeping temperature throughout the night – cool and fresh on summer nights, warm and cosy on winter nights.

For the ultimate in back support, the Biorytmic Firm is made from all-natural materials, and achieves a firmness rating that’s off the scale. Finally, the Slim 1600 is perfect for those who want a low and slim look, with no compromises on comfort or firmness.

Of course, the choice of mattress is just one of the many customisation options available. Each of our storage beds is handmade from scratch in our Nottingham studio, and you get to specify absolutely every aspect of its design. As well as the choice of mattress, we offer a choice of four frame styles - Simplicity, Plus, Air, and Max – three opening mechanisms, and a staggering variety of fabrics and finishes.

For more information on our storage bed and mattress options, give us a call on 0208 451 6999.

Use our simple step by step guide to start building your perfect storage bed and mattress combination!

Sleigh Storage Bed

Featured Model - Sleigh Oak King

Prices start at $2845

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Zack, London

Worth every penny.... On visiting the showroom, I was immediately impressed by the quality of the beds. But, like me, there must be people thinking, "This is not a cheap bed". Nevertheless, I thought this offered better value compared to anything else on the high street (especially if you are looking for a storage bed). Having had the max for a few weeks, I am still delighted with the sturdiness of the bed, superior lifting mechanism, and above all, how good it looks in my room as it was fully customised to my preferences. I know this will last a lifetime, and I have no regrets making this purchase. As mentioned by others, you can expect stellar service from the whole team, particularly the delivery + assembly team who took so much care when building the bed.

Posted 2 months ago

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