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Storage Beds for Quick Delivery.

Order Now for Quick Delivery - Only One Bed in Each Style Available

  • Max Storage Beds (35cm of Storage)
  • £1785 Continental Double 140 x 200 (Ikea Size) Red Leather, Squares Headboard Order Now

  • SOLD Double Max, Senna Marmore Removable, Horizon 50 Headboard

  • Special offer

    £2240 £1495 King Size 150 x 200, Wine Leather, Integrated Deeply Headboard Order Now

  • £1805 King Max - Solid Beech Order Now

  • Special offer

    SOLD King Max, Horizon 50 Headboard, Wool Surrey Removable Fabric, End Opening

  • £1715 King Size Max, Linen Porrige, Integrated Squares Headboard Order Now

  • £1640 Super King Max, Husk Marble Removable Order Now

  • SOLD SuperKing Max, Linen Grey Mist. Removable.

  • Low Storage Beds (20cm of Storage)
  • No In Stock Beds at this time. Please call back again.

  • Illusion Storage Beds (33cm of Storage)
  • £1475 Illusion King Size, Senna Silver, Pockets Order Now

  • Air Storage Beds (20cm of Storage)
  • Special offer

    £1885 £1695 Air - Red Linen, Integrated Dune Headboard Order Now

  • £1440 Air King Size, Wool Surrey Grey Removable Order Now

  • £3370 Super King 180 x 200, Removable Husk Marble Fabric, 105cm Mondrian Headboard, Luxury 2000 Mattress ( also available as Model Low) Order Now

  • Simplicity Storage Beds (20cm of Storage)
  • Special offer

    £860 £795 Small Double, Velvet Smoke Blue End or Side Opening Order Now

  • £790 Double Simplicity, Husk Smoke Order Now

  • £1715 King Size Max, Linen Porrige, Integrated Squares Headboard Order Now

  • Special offer

    £865 £795 King Size in a lovely Wine/Rust colour real leather Order Now

  • £1410 King Size Simplicity Storage Bed, Wool Grey, 60cm Squares Integrated Headboard Order Now

  • £1410 King Simplicity, Squared Integrated Headboard, Grey Wool Order Now

  • Plus Storage Beds (30cm of Storage)
  • Special offer

    £1700 £1285 Ex Display - King Size, Macro Suede Eggplant Integrated Gentle Headboard Order Now

You can add any headboard, mattress and accessories to any of the above. Order today they sell fast! 0208 451 6999


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All the storage beds on this page are brand new, occasionally we make the bed in the wrong size or colour or sometimes the customers makes changes. The result is a few beds that we can offer a little cheaper than our bespoke range. Please call us to take advantage of these exceptional discounts.

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Air Storage Bed

Air - 31cm deep


Simplicity Storage Bed

Simplicity- 20cm deep

Best SellerMax Storage Bed

Max - 35cm deep

Illusion Storage Bed

Illusion - 33cm deep

Wood Storage Bed

Wood Beds

Plus Storage Bed

Plus - 30cm deep

Leather Storage Bed

Leather Beds

Ottoman Box

Ottoman Box