Guide on how to measure your space for a sofa bed

Sofa Beds are becoming a necessity in our homes in order to maintain our vivacious social lives and so to ensure you make the right decisions, here is a guide on how to measure your space for a sofa bed. With apartments and houses for that matter getting smaller by the day, or should we say more expensive by the day, it is becoming increasingly popular for our friends and family to have to crash on our sofas or mattresses on the floor.

At Furl we are excited by functional design and so we make sofa beds that you can sleep on every night. Gone are the days of having to feel an annoying spring in your back or rolling out onto the floor before morning. Still a little unsure, or finding it too good to be true, come and visit our Showroom to find out for yourself – don’t worry if you fall asleep, we shall take it as a compliment. Measuring your space for a sofa bed however is crucial, not only do you need to think about where the sofa will be going and how you wish to use it, you will also need to consider access so your sofa bed looks as though it was truly made for the space, no matter what size the room.

Guide on how to measure for a sofa bed

How big?
With later working days, the first thing we all want to do at the end of the day is relax and wind down on the sofa in front of the TV. For those with smaller spaces and perhaps only enough space for one sofa, it is common to want to fit the largest size of sofa possible. Be careful though when plotting out your room – leave yourself enough space for a side table or coffee table to hold your drink and books. Of course with sofa beds, the larger the size, the larger the bed. This will of course be a big decision to make when considering which size of sofa bed is right for your space.

Sofa Bed Size guide

  • Write down the dimensions from our website – sometimes our sofa beds have more than one arm width, which of course affects the overall size. Have a look at the different arm options for each model and consider these when plotting the sofa size out in your room.
  • Make sure you measure your final specification of sofa bed (including all of it’s option that may affect it’s dimensions) in your living room before making a purchase.

Top Tip: The best way of measuring is again exactly as we recommend you measure in our Guide to Measuring for a Storage Bed by using masking tape to map out the size of the sofa out onto your floor.

  • Ideally you would like to have at least 40cm in between the sofa and your coffee table as this will leave you enough space to comfortably walk around the coffee table to the sofa bed.
  • Ideally you would like to have at least 30cm on either one side or both sides of the sofa bed. This means that when it is open, your guests can access the bed with ease. Of course, the more space the more comfortable access shall be for your guests.
  • In order to open the sofa bed, you will need about 210cm in length. Most of our sofa beds have an opening length of 205cm and so consider this within the positioning of your sofa.

Top Tip: Make sure you can still open any doors both when the sofa is closed or open as a bed.

Don’t worry if you are moving into somewhere new and you don’t have access to the space yet. Send through your floor plan or measurements and one of the team will advise which size would fit best. Most of our sofa beds are available in five different sizes providing you with five different mattress size options. We keep the mechanism as close to the sofa frame as we possibly can, keeping any opening dimensions as small as feasible. If your heart is set of a particular model and it doesn’t quite fit get in touch. As we make all of our products to order in the UK, we may be able to shave off a couple of centimetres from each arm (or more if necessary) to ensure a perfect fit.

Guide on how to measure for a sofa bed

Guide on how to measure for a sofa bed

Top Tip: No matter which sofa model, if you choose a three seater the mattress size within shall always be the same no matter what the difference in overall width between the models. It is the size of the arm that varies the overall size of the sofa. For example, if you chose a three seater and go for a slim arm, the mattress will not be any bigger than if you chose a three seater with a wide arm.

Top Tip: If you are struggling for space, or your space is limited, choose the slimmer arm option on any of the models.

how to measure your space for a sofa bed

Measuring Access

Once you have worked out which size of bed you might need and also which size of sofa that will fit into your room, measuring the access is the next thing to do. We understand tight spaces though and so we like to make our deliveries as simple as possible. Our Sofa Beds at Furl are delivered in sections and assembled on site by our very own delivery team if you select our Home Installation option.

Despite making things really simple, we still advise measuring all of your access points to the room, especially if the space is tricky or if you are planning on creating a cinema room in the attic or playroom in the basement.

  • Doorways – Is the height of your door no smaller than width of the mattress within the sofa bed? If it is then you will need to make sure that the access is sizeable enough to manoeuvre the item in the other way.
  • Stairwells – How much height do you have? Do you think that you would be able to manoeuvre parts around this space?
  • Consider any other items that may take up some of your space in corridors or entranceways such as picture frames, radiators or light fittings.

Top Tip: The largest part of the sofa bed will be the folded mechanism containing the bed. This will be the width of the mattress in whichever size you select.

If you are creating a den room in a tucked away space and have any questions about access please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our delivery team will bring your sofa bed into the room, assemble it for you and then take all of the packaging away with them. The only thing you need to do is pop the kettle on.

Visit the Furl Showroom in London

You’re probably wondering why you have to make an appointment to see us?  Why we don’t have a regular shop on the high street you can walk into during normal shopping hours?
Let me explain…

Furl started in 2007 as an online business making storage beds and sofa beds from our workshops in Nottingham (where we’re still based).  Our products were an instant hit amongst those who appreciated high quality functional, practical furniture.  We quickly realised that most of our customers live in London and the surrounding areas and that you would really benefit from seeing our products for real, so in 2012 we decided to open a showroom in London.

Given our experience of visiting furniture stores on the high street and large retail outlets, where there’s lots to see but very few assistants who know anything detailed about the product and seem only interested in selling to maximise their commissions – we set out out be different.

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 09.48.07We found a lovely brand new unit in Wembley, which is easy to get to by car, (we’ve got plenty of free parking) Tube (Neasden on the Jubilee Line) and Bus (take any to IKEA wembley) and we set up our ‘shop’ there.  We’ve made in into a warm and inviting space that shows our products off beautifully.


Because we’re based in Nottingham we decided rather than employ someone to sit in the showroom everyday we’d make your shopping experience with us more personal.  So we decided to open two days a week on an appointment only basis.   We travel from Nottingham to see you and because we’re all involved in the making of the furniture we know the product intimately and with our solid understanding of the mechanics etc, we can answer any question you may have in a relaxed non-sales environment.

Our unique appointment system gives us the time to spend with you discussing your project or future plans, when you visit our showroom this is what you can expect:

  • A warm welcome, and a genuine ‘pleased to see you’ attitude
  • Personal attention in a relaxed environment
  • Full demonstration and explanation of our product range
  • Help choosing fabrics and colours
  • Expert advise from the designers
  • No sales waffle, lets just talk about what you really

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 09.48.07We want you to enjoy the experience of buying new furniture for your home, we are convinced that the time taken to choose the correct items is well spent, we encourage strict measuring of the space to ensure that you’re choosing the right furniture that not only fits the space but delivers the practical solution you need.

So, visiting us is not quite what you expect from a normal furniture store,  we feel it’s so much better, you get the personal attention we feel you deserve and we get to show off our brilliant products which we hope you’ll enjoy and find a space for in your home.

Click here to make an appointment to visit us.

Beds and Sofas made from Wooly Jumpers

Have you ever wondered what happens to all the wool garments and material discarded by the fashion industry at the end of the their life?  We’re talking abut the unsold clothes that have been through the shops, outlets and bargain basements stores are often put into land fill, a tragic end to good usable products.

As a manufacturer of upholstered furniture we are responsible for the proper and disposal use of the fabrics we use, we’re pretty good and our modern manufacturing techniques cuts waste down to a minimum, the waste that is left over is sold on eBay and other shopping platforms to people who love to make crafts etc.  We like to think we’re doing our little bit for the environment and encouraging creativity beyond the first use of the fabric.

Storage Bed made from Salvaged Wool

We’ve always loved wool fabrics, they look and feel fantastic on our beds and sofa beds, best of all wool is one of the most sustainable of all fabrics and has very little impact on the environment so when we came across a fabric thats made from recycled wool salvaged from the fashion industry we got very excited.  Having made some products (now on display at our showroom) we’ve been very impressed with the quality as it give a beautifully soft finish with a tactile touch which is really hard wearing.  The range of colours is impressive too.  The fabric is made at a mill in Prato, Italy a district most famous for textiles which is also happens to be the most eco friendly in Italy.

Leaf by Kirby Design, is available on all our upholstered products, you can see the full range of this and other sustainable fabrics at our London showroom.

Choosing a Spare Bed. Wall bed, Storage Bed or Sofa Bed?

If you’re lucky enough to have a spare room you’ve got extra space that can be used in a variety of ways – I love the idea of having a spare room all beautifully made up ready for guests, and if you have regular guests then thats ideal, if however you have a bed in the spare room that is only used a few times a year you’re missing a real opportunity create more living space in your home, and more space equals a better happier home life.

Most people have a favourite spot in their home, its the space you retreat to when you need time on your own, its that space by the window on a comfy chair that you curl into with a good book – a place that is all about ‘me-time’, it’s for quiet time when the kids have gone to school and your partner is at the gym… there’s something lovely about being at home on your own and having a few moments to call your own, it may only last for a few minutes but its absolutely necessary to keep the home life balance.

You could just put a lovely arm chair in the spare room (if you’ve got the space) and hide in there when the mood takes you or you could re-think the spare room and create an amazing space that increases the living area in your home and gives you a room that’s multifunctional, of course you still need a bed and if you value you guests it needs to be a good one, one that can be used every night if needed, there are a few options to consider, here are my thoughts:

Wall Beds

Wall-BedThere’s something very James Bond about the transformation of a hidden space in the wall that turns into the unexpected – for brief moment you’re a secret agent ready to take control or an hijacked nuclear satellite and save the world… until you realise its just a bed!

Wall beds, are also known as Murphy Beds and Pull Down beds are a brilliant spare room option as they have a very small foot print which gives you the freedom to use all the floor space in the room.  This give you space for sofas, tables and home entertainment.  Modern wall beds are safe, easy to open and have the same quality and choice of mattresses as regular beds, there is no difference in sleep comfort to that of a quality regular bed.

Wall-Bed-ShelvesClever wall bed design now includes built in shelving, perfect to use for books and precious ornaments you want to see but need to have out of reach of small hands….  Wall beds can also have a built in desk, so your spare room can become an office too.  The clever design of wall beds mean that the shelves and desk stay flat when the bed is deployed, so you don’t need to worry about tidying your desk or removing the items on the shelves when its a bed.

For the ultimate wall bed and the true secret agent experience, get an Electric Wall Bed with Remote Control.  Furl Wall Beds


Sofa Beds

Milano Sofa Bed in GreySofa Beds are an ideal spare room bed replacement and with a quality sofa bed the sleep experience of your guests in not compromised.   Putting a sofa bed in your spare room lets you create a living space (or snug?) that doubles up as a second living room, put a TV, music system  in there too and if you add in a clever coffee table (that doubles as desk or table) and you’ll have a room that can fulfil a multitude of roles for the whole family.

Sofa-Bed-Spare-RoomSwapping the bed for a sofa beds in a spare room adds a lovely cosy extra room that you’ll appreciate next time a major sporting event is on the TV!   Quality sofa beds are comfortable as a sofa and have a choice of mattresses and now come in all proper bed sizes sofa beds can be used for every night use. Furl Sofa Beds

Storage Beds

These are regular beds that have masses of storage inside, the storage area is accessed by lifting the mattress upwards to reveal the storage box underneath.  They are easy to open as the action max storage bedis assisted with gas springs which hold the mattress up securely. If your spare room is a essential part of the storage space in your home then a storage beds could be a good solution, allowing you to have a beautiful spare room with all the items you need to hide away , nicely hidden inside the bed.  Choose a storage bed that good a small frame and you’ll make your spare room seem bigger. Furl Storage Beds


Unfurl your spare rooms full potential, with the correct Storage Bed, Sofa Bed or Wall Beds from or visit our London showroom to see the full range side by side.

Sofa in my own fabric

Sofa Bed Fabric – Choose Ours or Supply Your Own

Furl work with some of the worlds best fabric houses to offer a collection of fabrics that are both stunning and practical – we’ve something for everyone – come to our showroom and you’ll have a choice of 100s of different fabric and leather options.  Now, if that sounds a daunting prospect, don’t worry we will take you through and explain the options and soon discover what will be most suitable for you and your home.  We’ve done all the homework by selecting only fabrics that are suitable, all you have to do is find one you really love. At the showroom you’ll meet Rebecca our very own qualified interior designer, she can help you plan your room and other design projects – she’s an expert in everything we make, you’ll be very impressed.


What if you want to match your sofa bed or bed to the existing curtains or furniture in the room?  Thats no problem either, because Furl make all our products at our own workshops in Nottingham, you can supply your own fabric or ask us to source it for you, so if stripes are your thing and nothing else will do, stripes you can have.

Classic Sofa Bed in Romo Fabric
Bespoke Storage Bed
Storage Bed made in a Customers Own Fabric

Furls passion runs deeper than simply making great furniture, we believe that buying the right furniture for your home will improve the way you live and the enjoyment of your home.

Choosing the final finish of your sofa bed, or bed may take a little longer than buying something off the shelf but the results are often unique, you’ll have something to enjoy for a long time.

Come and see us or get in touch to discuss having your sofa bed made in your own fabric

Comfortable sofa beds the Furl way

Furl Logo

Introducing Furl to the world is like a lovely trip down memory lane for us. As you know we started in 2007 selling storage beds (as the Storage Bed Company). Not too much later we expanded to sell truly comfortable sofa beds – as the Sofa Bed Company.

Now though we’ve rolled the two companies into Furl so we can bring you not only the sofa beds and storage beds we always have, but lots more exciting, space-saving furniture too.

“Comfortable sofa beds, do they exist?”, a customer once said to me on the phone. I assured her they did, and that I could confidently say that as at that precise moment I was sitting on one. In fact when we designed our sofa bed range (we have 8 innovative styles) we started with how they felt and only once that was perfect did we move on to how they looked.


Having selected an innovative sofa bed mechanism that opens incredibly smoothly, easily and quickly, I then spent months trying out different coverings, foams, cushion thicknesses etc to ensure that the final products offered the performance you expect from us and are truly comfortable to sit and sleep on.

When I say comfortable I really mean it. Each sofa bed has a proper mattress – for most models you can even choose whether it’s coil sprung, pocket sprung or memory foam. Being so quick to open and close too they’re ideal for everyday – and every night use.

comfortable sofa bed
Our sofa beds have been designed to be slept on every night.

So like all the exciting products Furl has and will have to offer our comfortable sofa beds are space-saving, intelligent and stylish.

Come and be inspired by our beautifully crafted products at our showroom in London. We’re open every Saturday but ask that you make an appointment. For more information please call us on 0208 451 6999.

Furl deliver execeptional solutions to fit your space, every time, always.