Storage Bed Sale – Get your hands on our clearance

As most of you may know, Furl aren’t known for offering discount or having a sale. We promise that it’s not because we are being mean, but because we are being fair. Of course the ‘are you having a storage bed sale’ question is one that we get asked a lot. And our answer for it is quite simple really. We design and make to order, so we don’t have lots of stock to have a sale with.

storage bed sale

However we do have a few items that sometimes end up on the shelf. Not because they are any less loved. They have usually even been especially designed by our in house design team, so are often pretty trendy too! The reason they end up on the shelf, is because they have either been made for our showroom or for our photoshoots. So we have now added them to our very own version of a storage bed sale – our clearance page.

storage bed sale
Please note, these prices are correct at time of publishing
Storage Bed Sale – what does this really mean?

So lets get calling it our clearance page from now on, because really that’s what it is. As we make to order, most of our products are made on an 8 week lead time. Some of them come with the option for an express delivery, which speeds them up, but costs a little more. But we hear you need something even sooner – so check out our clearance page and we can have anything on there delivered to you in about 2 weeks. We know they might not be quite what you really wanted, so we’ve thrown in a little discount to make you love them nevertheless. And what do we really want anyways?! To have a lovely new, good quality storage bed – now that’s a given.

sofa bed sale
Please note, these prices are correct at time of publishing

Not only do we have lovely discount and speedy deliveries for our clearance storage beds, but we also have our sofa beds, tables and wall beds on our clearance page. Just remember, there is only one of each item listed available. So once they are gone, they’re gone.

If our clearance items aren’t quite what you were after, have a play around on our design and order section and build your own storage bed.

Our Brand Spanking new luxury sofa bed

A luxury sofa bed is hard to come across, so therefore look no further than right here. Furl has always specialised in quality sofa beds that you can sleep on every night of the week. But it does take time to make something ‘this good’. So all of our experience over the last 10 years has finally been used to make this brand spanking new one. One of our most amazing sofa beds so far, we are so pleased to announce…Vasca. Where quality and beauty meet.

luxury sofa bed

Smart, sophisticated and so easy to love, Vasca is beautiful. A luxury sofa bed that will surprise you from every angle. It’s stunning detail and expert tailoring makes Vasca unique with its smart padded lines and subtle curves.

luxury sofa bed

Make your luxury sofa bed your own

Make it your own design with optional contrast piping. Or alternatively, keep it elegantly simple. Our choice of 100s of amazing fabrics and leather, means that no two Vasca’s need to look the same. We use the very latest technology to create super comfy cushions that never require any turning or pluming. The arms are set low for comfort and there are two available seat heights, 38cm and 45cm.

luxury sofa bed

All of our sofa beds are for every day use, and Vasca is certainly no exception to that rule. You’ll love sleeping on this luxury sofa bed because it’s really just as good as a real bed. The mattresses are 2m long (6’6) and 12cm deep – and you have a choice of traditional pocket sprung or a high-tech reflex 45 foam.

luxury sofa bed

Fall in love with the unexpected, this is a luxury sofa bed like no other. Vasca is a sofa that hides its bed so skillfully, that you’ll be forgiven for looking twice. Available to test in our Showroom now, Vasca finally takes pride of place on both our ground floor and upper level. So will you be the first to lie down, sit down and relax on a Vasca? You better be fast, otherwise we might just beat you too it!

Grand Designs Live – Book your tickets here

We are officially on countdown to Grand Designs Live. Not sure if any of you managed to come and see our stand last year? However this year, it is twice as big and will be twice as fantastic. So, if you haven’t yet made a trip to our showroom, do not panic. You can visit us at the Excel in just 2 months and 22 days. See, we told you we were counting!

Now to those who don’t plan ahead, this may seem like ages away. But for those who love a good bargain, now is the time of the early bird ticket sales. Right now Grand Designs Live are giving a fantastic deal away – 2 tickets for £22 with the code GDL22.

Last year at Grand Designs Live, we met new friends, reminisced with old customers and had a week to remember. We opened and closed our wall beds around 200 times a day, and laughed every time sometime ran over to take off the glasses filled with water that they thought would fall over. With our clever mechanisms and cantilevering desk, your glasses of water can stay on the desk whilst the bed comes down. Now that is something that you know you just have to come and see for yourself.

So the show is on from the 29th April until the 7th May. Are you renovating your home and need new furniture? Are you looking for a way of turning a spare room back into a useable room for most of the year? Looking for a little more storage? Then our stand is absolutely the one to visit. Grand Designs Live has been one of the biggest interior inspiration and home renovating shows for years. We are so excited to be able to inspire you again this year.


Comfy sofa alert…new sofas arrive at our showroom

I am sure that most of you know that we pride ourselves on being experts in making comfy sofa beds. Anyone that has had a little lie down on them at our London showroom will be sure to say they actually are as comfortable as beds. However, despite our love of all things that change and have multi functioning powers, the time has come for us to stop leaving out those who actually don’t want their guests to stay. Or maybe for those who have enough bedrooms to not actually need a sofa bed. If that’s you, please can you invite us round for dinner!?

So, drum roll please… and get ready to offer a huge, gigantic, squidgy welcome to our two brand new comfy sofas. Yes, it is just a sofa. But of course a beautiful, delightful, comfy sofa.

comfy sofa

Say hi to the dazzling number one.

As big or as small as you would like to make it, this is absolutely the showstopper sofa. Available in a collection of various different sized units, this sofa really can be made to fit any space. With so many gorgeous fabrics in an outstanding selection of colours, we just know that this will give your living room the wow factor it truly deserves.

comfy sofa

Don’t tell the rest of the Furl family, but I have secretly been putting my feet up and snuggling into this sofa before heading home. It wins top marks from me. So much so, one evening I ended up having an unintended nap!

comfy sofa

Now secondly, but certainly not secondary, say hello to the elegant number two.

Elegant simplicity, this sofa just works in so many different spaces. Industrial, Contemporary, Vintage or Classic, there really is no interior design style that this sofa would not easily fit into. So for Friday night film night, tuck up your feet with the perfect amount of seat space. Who is going to bring the popcorn?  As always, we want you to be able to have your sofa, your way. So with an enormous selection of fabrics in an array of beautiful colours, you can truly make this sofa your own.

comfy sofa

So here is a list of the things you need to know about our two brand spanking new comfy sofas:

  • Hundreds of fabrics to choose from at our showroom
  • Design your own layout using a modular format
  • It’s a seriously comfy sofa
  • There is an 8 week lead time
  • We take away all of the packaging and all of the stress

We always say that some of our best ideas come from our customers. Plus you may have noticed we are still calling these sofas by numbers. So you know what we are going to ask you. What do you think our brand new sofas should be called? Tweet us at @Furl_Home with your ideas.

So who’s first to come and have a sit or a sneaky lie down? We will race you to it…

Sofa Dressing ideas that will spruce up your sofa

A couple of weeks ago we wrote a post on bed dressing ideas that would have yours competing with hotel beds. So we decided it was only fair to share with you a few sofa dressing ideas that will give your ‘living room pride and joy’ the love and attention it truly deserves. After all, your sofa has to put up with a lot! It’s the place your friends come to cry and be comforted. The place your in-laws perch to have afternoon tea. Perhaps the place your dog naughtily catches a few zzz’s whilst you aren’t watching! Your sofa deserves to look beautiful.

sofa dressing ideas
The Duette Sofa Bed from Furl, with complimenting cushions in Kirkby Smooth Coast and contrasting cushions in Romo Madigan Chaumont

By following a few of our sofa dressing ideas, you will be sure to spruce up the look of your sofa and give it a fresh look. The first thing to do is consider how you want your sofa to look. Do you want it to look elegant and simple or do you prefer a slightly more relaxed feel? Consider all of the different functions that your sofa is used for. Is this your only sofa? Or do you have other places to sit within your home? All of these factors will really make a different to the best way of dressing your sofa.

sofa dressing ideas

Be Bold

Throwing in a little bit of colour, pattern or texture when dressing a neutral sofa is a great way to add to a room without it being too much. It is also much cheaper to replace sofa cushions if you decide you really can’t live with them. Or if you just fancy a change in look in the future. If you are daring, try adding in lots of different sizes of cushions, making sure they are all in different fabrics and textures. Just ensure they are all in similar or complimenting colours and shades – otherwise it may look a bit junk shop.

If you want to add a colour or pattern but you don’t know if you will like it, try one or two bolsters across the back. These will give you the pop of colour you wished for without it being too in your face. Bolsters, the longer thin cushions are also great to adding to in the future. Just make sure you place them at the front when pairing up rather than the back.

sofa dressing ideas
Sofa Dressing Ideas – Use designer cushions to add a sense of luxury to your living room

Be Inviting

It’s not all about the cushions, even though it is a lot about the cushions. If your sofa is used a lot for movie night, there is nothing better than adding a toasty throw to the arm. If you like things to be symmetrical, add a throw over both sofa arms. They don’t need to be huge, just something to tuck your feet under when they get a little chilly. Compliment with a couple of scatter cushions in the same fabric as the throws. This will make it look like the throws are meant to be there, rather than you just forget to put them away. Then to mix it up, add one more cushion (or two if you like lots) in something completely different.

sofa dressing ideas

Be Simple

If you aren’t too sure what look to create, the trick is to be simple. Don’t be afraid to just simply purchase two cheaper cushions in the same fabric or colour as your sofa. Furl has the option to add two scatter cushions in the same fabric when purchasing a sofa bed. Your sofa will then look elegantly dressed whilst you decide upon a more permanent fix. However it wouldn’t surprise us if you loved the simplistic look and want to stick with it long term! Simple is certainly very popular when it comes to styling.

sofa dressing ideas
Sofa Dressing Ideas – Use High Street cushions if you are unsure of the look you wish to create

Our sofas need to suit many different occasions. However don’t let this affect your decisions when considering these sofa dressing ideas. The most important thing is that when you walk in after a long hard day at work, your sofa looks beautifully inviting and ready for you.

Choosing your living room colour scheme

If there is any room in your house that you can really go to town with, it is your living room. Bright, bold and stupendously colourful are all expressions we can and should associate with this room in our homes. Even if those ‘bolds’ aren’t quite what you thought I meant. When it comes to the design of the living room colour scheme there really are no rules. It is hopefully one of the larger rooms within your home and so you won’t need to be as conservative as usual. So to make choosing your living room colour scheme as easy as abc, here are the colours that compliment certain personalities.

living room colour scheme

For those who need a little helping hand and are a little shy, choose pastel blues. The blue colour is very calming and pairs brilliantly with soft whites and silver.

Bold doesn’t have to mean pattern or fluorescent. It simply refers to the amount of different shapes and colours we add into a room, even if they are pastel. Our definition of bold interior design all depends on how brave we are of course. So if you are a little shy, the colour scheme in your living room absolutely has to make you feel relaxed; especially for when you are entertaining guests. A soft living room colour scheme of pastel blues and silvers will perfectly compliment a shy personality. To make your scheme fits within the ‘bold’ denotation our living rooms should fall under, mix lots of different shades of blue together. By throwing in a couple of metals and patterns along the way, the scheme will become your own. Remember though, these don’t have to be uber bold.

living room colour scheme

For those who are as happy as Larry and cannot stop chatting, choose yellow. Yellow as a colour pairs well with golds, white paint, navy furniture and grey wood.

Yellow is perfect for talkative, energetic personalities, but it can be a bit much to paint all the walls sunshine yellow. Unless of course you just love sunshine yellow, in which case we say go for it! Incase you aren’t too keen on it for the walls, there are lots of other ways of introducing yellow into a colour scheme. Gold falls into the yellow colourway and can be used as a softer, subtler tone that still compliments your bubbly personality. Add in gold picture frames, a brushed gold-topped side table and dull gold cushions. By picking a striking yellow geometric fabric for an occasional armchair, your personality will shine (quite literally) through your scheme.

For those in a position of authority, choose purple. Purple as a colour pairs well with cream colours, bronzes, deep walnut woods and black furniture.

If you aspire to impress others and want to climb your way to the top of the ladder, purple is the one. Regal in its description, purple adds understated elegance to a room. Make sure to choose something along the lines of Aubergine colouring rather than bright purple. The aubergine shading will work really well with other regal textures such as walnut wood and brushed bronzes. Why not mix up the decorating? Paint the walls a creamy white and then paint all of the woodwork deep aubergine instead. This will really make a difference to the colour scheme and create a unique look. It will also allow you to add in aubergine coloured accessories without the room feeling too heavy.

living room colour scheme

For those who never want to be anywhere other than outside, choose green. To create an earthy scheme, pair with creams, brown leather and rustic wooden flooring. If you are a lover of the outdoors, then an earthy colour palette is exactly what you should use. Greens, creams, browns and lots of florally patterns, if you like them, will all replicate that ‘outdoor feeling’. Farrow and Ball have a brilliant outdoorsy bamboo wallpaper, which would perfectly add another element to your earthy space. However if you are after something a little bolder and brighter, how about this palm wallpaper from Graham and Brown.

There are no rules set in stone for choosing your living room colour scheme. Whatever you feel comfortable with, will be right for you and your living room.

Choosing the right fabric for pets

We certainly love our four legged friends at Furl, whom are more than welcome to visit the showroom, and so we understand that maintenance of sofas and even beds can sometimes be a bit of pain with them around. Not only do they shed fur, but along with mucky paws and jumping onto furniture they shouldn’t be, there is every chance that they could stain and damage your gear…but they are cute aren’t they! There are also certain things we can look out for, to be sure that we are choosing the right fabric for pets.

choosing the right fabric for pets

Heavy Duty Fabric

Now we have gone through a huge selection process with our fabrics for you already. We make sure that any fabric we offer is heavy-duty, of good quality and strong enough to withstand the wear and tear of everyday life. It is of course very important that any fur from a cat brushing past your sofa or edge of the bed is easily brushed off, and that dirty paws from a sneaky dog that thought he would catch a chance at sleeping a night on the sofa can be wiped clean. So there are of course a few favourite fabrics when it comes to pets.

fabric for pets

Real Leather

Leather is easy to clean, with any mucky paw stains simply able to wipe off. With a huge array of colours to choose from, you needn’t have to stick with the traditional Chestnut Brown that we see so many items of leather upholstered furniture within. Leather will also be the fabric with the easiest maintenance, but it does come at a cost.

Faux Suede

Faux suede has a wonderfully luxurious look to it but is extremely heavy duty and tough too. It is resistant to scuffs and scrapes and Health-guard gives added protection against dust mites, mould and bacteria, perfect for keeping our pets healthy. Known as the ‘cat proof’ fabric, they shouldn’t be able to get their claws into it, and in turn will become disinterested with destroying it.


Wool is a surprisingly robust fabric and often used in airports, so we are pretty certain that if it can withstand airport traffic, it can cope with a couple of mischievous pets. Easy to vacuum away any malting hair, sumptuous wool is completely natural, renewable and sustainable.

Of course we have far more than these three fabrics to choose from at our showroom and dependent on your pet, the colour of their hair, the rooms in the house in which they might be allowed to roam all has a factor in what fabric you may choose. We do have an ability to order fabric samples from our website, but our full range of fabrics can be found at our Showroom in London, which is open on Wednesdays and Saturdays by appointment. You are more than welcome to bring your dog too!

Choosing the right fabric for pets

Extra Protection

Of course, the more protected your furniture is the better it will survive pet use! Our Guardsman fabric protection is a great way of protecting your investment piece of furniture that we want to follow with you from house to house. Not only does it prevent accidental spills (or any four legged dribble) from soaking in and therefore staining the fabric, but it’s also an insurance policy that will allow your sofa to be cleaned and if necessary re-upholstered. Guardsman is only available on our sofa beds – but this is because by the time your storage bed is dressed with duvet, pillows and throws, there is very little fabric on show, plus we have a brilliant removable fabric option for self-cleaning.

Our pets keep us going on the gloomiest of days, and I am sure you have found yourself ogling at a cutely dressed sausage dog somewhere on Instagram in the last couple of days! Our pets are with us for life too, along with our furniture and with a clever choice of fabric, keeping our houses clean with pets around needn’t be a struggle.

Make your guests feel welcome

Without any space for a guest room, and despite having a brilliantly comfortable sofa bed from Furl, we still want our guests to feel special when they stay over. For most of us, we need to use the sofa right up until the end of the evening so can’t prepare the bed before our guests arrive. Despite not having a dedicated spare bedroom, here are a few things you can do to make your guests feel welcome.


Prepare all of the bedding before your guests arrive so you aren’t madly trying to find the duvet late into the evening after a couple of glasses of wine. No matter what the time and how quickly they may remove everything, dress the bed as you would wish to find it in a hotel. Make sure to use a matching duvet set; nothing makes guests feel like you can’t really accommodate them more than different pillowcases. Add a couple of cushions to dress the bed and some coordinative blankets to throw over each arm for if the room feels cold. Don’t feel like you have to buy extra cushions just for the sofa bed, the cushions that are already on the sofa are more than acceptable.


Try and sweep the area for anything that doesn’t need to be lying around. There is nothing worse than having to sleep amongst that nights half eaten cheese board, so try and clear everything to the kitchen. Burn a candle for a couple of hours in the evening or perhaps add a Jo Malone diffuser to your coffee table to keep the room feeling fresh.


Turn your sofa side tables or coffee table into bedside tables by adding a small clock and a couple of magazines on one side and a jug of water, lamp and vase of fresh flowers to the other side. If you know your guests well, you could get their favourite magazines and send them home with them if they don’t get a chance to read them in the morning. These little touches will make your guests feel really special and make the space feel much more like a bedroom.

Little Details

Your guests may be staying on an impromptu visit, or without too much warning so they may not have all the toiletries they need with them. Provide a little basket in the bathroom full of fluffy towels, a hairdryer, shampoo, conditioner, shaving foam, soap, makeup wipes, toothpaste and perhaps a couple of cheap unused toothbrushes. None of these have to be full size or even particularly expensive. You may have stocked up on a few hotel freebies, but if not lots of places do perfect travel sized versions that will help to make your guests feel more at home.

make your guests feel welcome

Your guests should wake up in the morning feeling well and truly spoilt. Treat them to fresh baked croissants and they will be speaking about how lovely your home is for a decade. Just hope they don’t start telling people you aren’t so keen on staying how marvellous their visit was!

Style your living room like an Interior Designer

Following on from our blog post a few weeks ago detailing ‘How to style your bedroom like an Interior Designer’, I thought it only fitting to also advise you on how to style your living room like an Interior Designer too. Every room in your house needs to look beautiful after all! As some of you may already know I am the resident Interior Designer at Furl and you may have met me at the London Showroom where I am on hand to give you interiors advice, help you plan your room and assist with colour selections. It is however so much harder when you get back home, head bursting with information and so many different design styles, to pull together a room that is both practical, yet beautiful. By following these simple steps, we can ensure your Living Room perfectly meet a Designers standard.

The design of your living room is very important as it is the place that you relax at the end of a hard days work, where you entertain your guests on a Friday night and where you have the in-laws round for afternoon tea. Determining the style and feel of your room is therefore the first thing that you need to do. Do you want it to be a formal living room? Is your lifestyle full of entertaining friends? We ask because of practicality – you wouldn’t want to have a bottle of red wine poured all over your sparkling white sofa whilst entertaining at the weekend, even though we do have a solution to that too! (Guardsman in our sofa bed extras).

style your living room like an interior designer


Your colour selections will help to not only determine your style but also determine the feel of your room. This is where the rule of three applies. When deciding upon the colours for your living room, select just three and ensure that everything you put into the room is in one of those three colours. For a formal, more traditional interior, select cream, purple and walnut. Paint the walls a deep purple, and then add in bursts of the colour through accessories. Keep your sofa, chairs and window dressings in a warm cream and then compliment with walnut coffee and side tables. No matter what style of room you wish to create, if you apply this rule of three to your colour selections, you will always be sure to have a living room that is designed exactly as an interior designer would curate it.

style your bedroom like an interior designer

Making a Statement

No matter what size your living room might be, it is always important to have that feature piece that stands out, even if you do think it is perhaps a little too large for the room. Most of the time, an interior designer would add in a oversized statement armchair in a brilliantly patterned or vibrant fabric. You could do the same with the sofa, but this may overpower the room and as more expensive items than armchairs, aren’t quite as easy to change in a few years time when it doesn’t compliment your tastes anymore. If you don’t have enough space for an additional armchair, a statement pendant light or lamp would also work a treat.

Guide on how to measure for a sofa bed


Every living room should have at least one plant or bunch of flowers. When you flick through the pages of Elle Decoration or Living Etc., you may notice that every interior lifestyle shot has a huge bunch of flowers or towering plants in the corners. That is not because they smell nice, but because it makes the room visually look more attractive to your eye. This ‘magazine look’ is the concept that every interior designer is trying to achieve when they first reveal your new space to you. Easy when you have a budget large enough to afford a designer, but if you can’t maintain the cost of buying a new bunch of flowers each week there are some brilliant faux options that look incredibly realistic. The initial cost may be a little bit more, but they will last you a lifetime, literally.

As daunting as designing your living room may seem, have as much fun with it as possibly can. Try an outrageous paint colour on the walls. If you really hate it, you can always do it again. A little trick from the trade – cut or fold samples to the proportionate size to give you a better idea of how much of each colour you will have within your room. In short, if the samples all work together in small swatches, they will work together in big pieces too! We look forward to seeing some of your designs.

Guide on how to measure your space for a sofa bed

Sofa Beds are becoming a necessity in our homes in order to maintain our vivacious social lives and so to ensure you make the right decisions, here is a guide on how to measure your space for a sofa bed. With apartments and houses for that matter getting smaller by the day, or should we say more expensive by the day, it is becoming increasingly popular for our friends and family to have to crash on our sofas or mattresses on the floor.

At Furl we are excited by functional design and so we make sofa beds that you can sleep on every night. Gone are the days of having to feel an annoying spring in your back or rolling out onto the floor before morning. Still a little unsure, or finding it too good to be true, come and visit our Showroom to find out for yourself – don’t worry if you fall asleep, we shall take it as a compliment. Measuring your space for a sofa bed however is crucial, not only do you need to think about where the sofa will be going and how you wish to use it, you will also need to consider access so your sofa bed looks as though it was truly made for the space, no matter what size the room.

Guide on how to measure for a sofa bed

How big?
With later working days, the first thing we all want to do at the end of the day is relax and wind down on the sofa in front of the TV. For those with smaller spaces and perhaps only enough space for one sofa, it is common to want to fit the largest size of sofa possible. Be careful though when plotting out your room – leave yourself enough space for a side table or coffee table to hold your drink and books. Of course with sofa beds, the larger the size, the larger the bed. This will of course be a big decision to make when considering which size of sofa bed is right for your space.

Sofa Bed Size guide

  • Write down the dimensions from our website – sometimes our sofa beds have more than one arm width, which of course affects the overall size. Have a look at the different arm options for each model and consider these when plotting the sofa size out in your room.
  • Make sure you measure your final specification of sofa bed (including all of it’s option that may affect it’s dimensions) in your living room before making a purchase.

Top Tip: The best way of measuring is again exactly as we recommend you measure in our Guide to Measuring for a Storage Bed by using masking tape to map out the size of the sofa out onto your floor.

  • Ideally you would like to have at least 40cm in between the sofa and your coffee table as this will leave you enough space to comfortably walk around the coffee table to the sofa bed.
  • Ideally you would like to have at least 30cm on either one side or both sides of the sofa bed. This means that when it is open, your guests can access the bed with ease. Of course, the more space the more comfortable access shall be for your guests.
  • In order to open the sofa bed, you will need about 210cm in length. Most of our sofa beds have an opening length of 205cm and so consider this within the positioning of your sofa.

Top Tip: Make sure you can still open any doors both when the sofa is closed or open as a bed.

Don’t worry if you are moving into somewhere new and you don’t have access to the space yet. Send through your floor plan or measurements and one of the team will advise which size would fit best. Most of our sofa beds are available in five different sizes providing you with five different mattress size options. We keep the mechanism as close to the sofa frame as we possibly can, keeping any opening dimensions as small as feasible. If your heart is set of a particular model and it doesn’t quite fit get in touch. As we make all of our products to order in the UK, we may be able to shave off a couple of centimetres from each arm (or more if necessary) to ensure a perfect fit.

Guide on how to measure for a sofa bed

Guide on how to measure for a sofa bed

Top Tip: No matter which sofa model, if you choose a three seater the mattress size within shall always be the same no matter what the difference in overall width between the models. It is the size of the arm that varies the overall size of the sofa. For example, if you chose a three seater and go for a slim arm, the mattress will not be any bigger than if you chose a three seater with a wide arm.

Top Tip: If you are struggling for space, or your space is limited, choose the slimmer arm option on any of the models.

how to measure your space for a sofa bed

Measuring Access

Once you have worked out which size of bed you might need and also which size of sofa that will fit into your room, measuring the access is the next thing to do. We understand tight spaces though and so we like to make our deliveries as simple as possible. Our Sofa Beds at Furl are delivered in sections and assembled on site by our very own delivery team if you select our Home Installation option.

Despite making things really simple, we still advise measuring all of your access points to the room, especially if the space is tricky or if you are planning on creating a cinema room in the attic or playroom in the basement.

  • Doorways – Is the height of your door no smaller than width of the mattress within the sofa bed? If it is then you will need to make sure that the access is sizeable enough to manoeuvre the item in the other way.
  • Stairwells – How much height do you have? Do you think that you would be able to manoeuvre parts around this space?
  • Consider any other items that may take up some of your space in corridors or entranceways such as picture frames, radiators or light fittings.

Top Tip: The largest part of the sofa bed will be the folded mechanism containing the bed. This will be the width of the mattress in whichever size you select.

If you are creating a den room in a tucked away space and have any questions about access please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our delivery team will bring your sofa bed into the room, assemble it for you and then take all of the packaging away with them. The only thing you need to do is pop the kettle on.