Revo, the coffee table that transforms into a dining table

If space is tight you need to choose furniture that really performs. Take our Revo table.

coffee table

Clearly a coffee table, it’s as practical as it is beautiful. At 115cm long, 65cm wide and 23cm high as a coffee table it’s the perfect place for drinks, magazine and newspapers.

But like all the best things there is another surprising side to Revo.  It opens up in a matter of seconds to become a stylish dining table that comfortably seats 8. There are no leaves to store, no fiddly screws to undo.

transforming dining table
At 130cm long, 65cm wide and 80cm high Revo has become the perfect dining table.

Better still Revo can be any height between the 23cm coffee table and 80cm dining table. Ideal if you need to work a little in the evening or sneak a cheeky TV supper. Or perhaps you simply prefer a coffee table set a little higher.


Revo is available in glass or wood and priced from £995, including delivery and installation. Naturally, we will remove all the packaging for recycling too.  All our transforming table products are guaranteed for 2 years.

Revo dining table


collapsible chairsRevo is just one of a range of innovative products we offer here at Furl. There are chairs that fold down to a tiny 7cm. They work brilliantly with both Revo and Console, a table from our range that quickly transforms from a beautiful console table to a dining table to seat 10.

Like everything at Furl the transforming tables and folding chairs are the very best quality. We specialise in giving you space and either make our products ourselves or have them crafted for us to our exacting standards and specifications.

The Revo transforming coffee table is on display for you to see and try at our showroom in London. Call us on 0208 451 6999 for more information or to arrange an appointment to visit.

Console, an extending table that seats 10

Console-WhiteThis Console table seats 10!

Honestly, it really does! Console is part of our new range of space saving tables & coffee tables that offer unbelievable seating options in a space that’s, well almost impossible to believe.

Measuring just 47cm when closed, it extends to a whooping 239cm giving you a full size dining table for 10 guests.

Imagine the convenience of converting your side/console table into a dining table in less than 30 seconds – cleverly hidden inside this console table are the three leaves required to extend it. In one simple movement the telescopic action of this table opens to extend the seating options from 4/6 or 10 spaces. It features, when fully extended, a central leg support so even at full stretch, the table is very sturdy.


Finished in a range of real wood veneers, this table is as attractive as it is functional.

Click to enlarge image


Console is priced from £1995 including delivery, installation and demonstration. Naturally, we will remove all the packaging for recycling too. All our Table products are guaranteed for 2 years.

Our Console table is available to view at our London showroom, and is in stock in Ash Grey for quick delivery. A range of space saving chairs are available to match our Console table.

For more information or to make an appointment to come and see our Console table  – and our other innovative products – call on 0208 451 6999.

Comfortable sofa beds the Furl way

Furl Logo

Introducing Furl to the world is like a lovely trip down memory lane for us. As you know we started in 2007 selling storage beds (as the Storage Bed Company). Not too much later we expanded to sell truly comfortable sofa beds – as the Sofa Bed Company.

Now though we’ve rolled the two companies into Furl so we can bring you not only the sofa beds and storage beds we always have, but lots more exciting, space-saving furniture too.

“Comfortable sofa beds, do they exist?”, a customer once said to me on the phone. I assured her they did, and that I could confidently say that as at that precise moment I was sitting on one. In fact when we designed our sofa bed range (we have 8 innovative styles) we started with how they felt and only once that was perfect did we move on to how they looked.


Having selected an innovative sofa bed mechanism that opens incredibly smoothly, easily and quickly, I then spent months trying out different coverings, foams, cushion thicknesses etc to ensure that the final products offered the performance you expect from us and are truly comfortable to sit and sleep on.

When I say comfortable I really mean it. Each sofa bed has a proper mattress – for most models you can even choose whether it’s coil sprung, pocket sprung or memory foam. Being so quick to open and close too they’re ideal for everyday – and every night use.

comfortable sofa bed
Our sofa beds have been designed to be slept on every night.

So like all the exciting products Furl has and will have to offer our comfortable sofa beds are space-saving, intelligent and stylish.

Come and be inspired by our beautifully crafted products at our showroom in London. We’re open every Saturday but ask that you make an appointment. For more information please call us on 0208 451 6999.

Furl deliver execeptional solutions to fit your space, every time, always.

High quality storage beds from Furl

With shopping listed as the national pastime, it’s not surprising that space saving  furniture is becoming a must, however big your house or flat. Here at Furl we specialise in giving you back your space and have the best of everything from console tables to folding chairs. But it all started with our high quality storage beds…lift up storage beds


David NormanBack in 2006 our founder, David Norman, tried to buy a large storage bed for his own home. He’d used one abroad so knew how brilliant it was to be able to lift up the mattress for instant storage. It quickly became apparent to him that in the UK storage beds were unusual; the odd one he could find was far from his exacting design and quality standards.

So David took a big step and decided to sell high quality storage beds in the UK. He realised that the only way be to able to offer beds with storage that were strong, well made and beautiful would be to make them himself. So he did.

lift up storage beds
Space saving storage beds with different mechanism options.

David sourced the best mechanisms in Italy. They have gas-powered struts so the storage beds open and close easily, and have been designed for everyday use.

Then he created the bed frame around them to ensure they took up the minimum amount of space possible on the outside, while offering the maximum  storage space possible on the inside.

And so it is that we now sell 5 different styles of high quality storage beds. The amount of storage depends on the model (Max offers 35cm of storage depth) and of course the size of the bed (there’s everything from a Single to a Super King). Each one is barely bigger than the footprint of its mattress to give the maximum amount of space in the room.

space saving storage beds
Our Max storage bed has 35cm of storage depth and a footprint barely bigger than its mattress.

Looks matter too though so our Furl storage beds are not only practical, but incredibly beautiful. We want yours to be right for your home so we offer a choice of fabrics (free fabric samples are available), headboards, feet and even whether you want your storage bed to open at the end, from the side or for the whole mattress to lift.

lift up storage beds
Space saving storage beds with different mechanism options.

To come and see the best space saving storage beds at our London showroom simply book an appointment; please call us on 020 451 6999.


Space saving furniture for small flats. Welcome to Furl.

Furl Logo

Furl as a name is new but we are the same team who have been offering beautiful space-saving furniture since 2007.


Furl brings together our two existing companies – the Storage Bed Company and the Sofa Bed Company – so we can offer you the same great space-saving products (and many more) in one convenient place.

David NormanOur founder, David Norman, is passionate about the design and beauty of everyday items. If a product idea is good but the design could be better he will improve it so we always offer you the very best.

This is what happened with our first products. David wanted to make storage beds having used them overseas. So he sourced the very best mechanisms money could buy and built beautiful beds around them. The result? A range of stunningly beautiful yet highly practical storage beds. Choose your style from different designs, fabrics, headboards and even feet.

Beautiful Storage beds
Air Storage Bed

Next came sofa beds. Using the same philosophy we developed a range of sofa beds that are lovely to look at and truly comfortable to sit and sleep on. Again this involved sourcing a mechanism that can be used every day and going back to the drawing board.

Milano 3 seater Sofa Bed, Grey Wool Fabric

We love to be able to give our customers the gift of space. And no more is that necessary than in a small house or flat. Furniture needs to be practical and beautiful. We are therefore proud to be able to offer a coffee table that quickly and easily transforms into a standard height dining table.

Lift coffee table by








This is beautiful piece of furniture has been made in Italy specially for Furl. It’s available in a large range of colours and finishes, including wood, glass and stone.

Tables that transform are a simply brilliant innovation. An alternative from our Furl range is a stunning console table that transforms from the perfect place for the telephone or a vase of flower to a dinner table that seats at least ten people in a matter of moments.

This beautiful console table…. Transforms to become the perfect dinner table for up to 10 guests!

Seating for 10 from a extending table

tranforming console table

A table though needs chairs. So alongside our transforming table we offer these fantastic folding chairs. They’re beautiful and stylish yet clever design means they fold very, very flat (7cm flat). They can be stacked in a cupboard, hung on a wall….or better still will fit perfectly in your storage bed.

Chairs that fold flat save space

The best way to truly appreciate the beauty and practicality of Furl’s products is to come and see them. We have a showroom in London; we ask you to book an appointment so we can give you our full attention.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call us on 0208 451 6999.